How Nurses Can Take A Holistic Approach to Patient Care

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Blog Health & Wellness Patient Care holistic nursingThere’s no doubt that the medical industry has faced some significant challenges over the last few years. COVID-19 has been particularly disruptive in a variety of areas.

7 Ways Hospitals Can Improve Patient Care

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Patient-centered care is the expectation for every health care facility. A true patient-centered approach to health care engages patients in their experience by valuing their input and individuality. Ensure All Staff Are Focused on Patient-Centered Care.

2021 52

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Spend less time on paperwork, billing and more time on home infusion patient care


This is a landmark opportunity for the industry to continue its transformation to incorporate more Hospital-at-Home care. In this model, health care providers can deliver hospital-level care in the comfort of a patient’s home.

Medication Shortages Imperil Hospice Access, Quality

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Hospice providers and patients are having difficulty procuring medications due to nationwide drug shortages, threatening quality of care and patients’ access to hospice. Shortages can also impede our ability to honor some patient and family wishes.

Some of the Many Benefits of Being an NP

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I believe that nurse practitioners bring a unique perspective to the relationship with our patients. I believe it is a more holistic approach to patient care. In addition, nurses recognize their patients as people, learning each patient’s story, priorities, and unique needs. [We]

Magnetizing High-quality Nursing Care

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The Magnet designation for hospitals emerged in 1990 under the auspices of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) as a strategy for catalyzing and recognizing the highest possible standards for quality nursing care. Focus on Quality Nursing Care.

Study Finds LED Lighting Cuts Risk of Falls 43 Percent

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Falls in two long-term care facilities dropped by 43% after installing a dynamic LED lighting program tuned to natural sleep and wake rhythms, according to a study by researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Midwest Lighting Institute.

Documentary Honors Nurses on the Front-Lines Throughout the Pandemic

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Blog News Patient Care COVID-19 Lehigh Valley Health Network LVHN nursing documentary The Strength to HealLehigh Valley Health Network’s (LVHN) first-of-its-kind documentary honors its nurses by sharing stories about their heroic work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

How Should Nurses Treat Transgender Patients? A Trans Patient Offers Some Tips

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In nursing school, you may have learned that health care provider bias can literally endanger a patient, but when an instructor explains this, a least a few classmates will probably imagine their parents scoffing. Blog Health & Wellness Patient Care transgender patients

Nurses Remain Passionate Despite Historical Issues In Need of Reform, According to Annual Industry Survey

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Cross Country Healthcare’s annual national survey of nursing professionals and students finds nurses remain passionate about patient care despite historical issues in need of reform.

Who’s Watching Me? Addressing the Second-Guessing of Hospice Patient Care

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Providing hospice care to vulnerable individuals can embroil hospices in a variety of unwanted situations. The emotions surrounding the death of a loved one can cause families and caregivers to question the kind of care provided. These sensitive circumstances can also lead to disputes between family members, or between the family and other providers or facilities, with the hospice often stuck in the middle.

Monkeypox: What Nurses Need to Know

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Daily Nurse spoke with Jennifer Meyer, Assistant Professor at the University of Alaska Anchorage, Division of Population Health Services, about monkeypox and what nurses should be aware of treating patients. Cases of monkeypox have greatly diminished in the U.S.,

COVID-19 Heightens Risk for Pressure Injuries

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Patients critically ill with COVID-19 are at exceptionally high risk for developing healthcare-associated pressure injuries (HAPrIs). Pressure Injury Risk Assessment and Prevention in Patients With COVID-19 in the Intensive Care Unit” retrospectively […].

How to Best Serve Patients Who Prefer Alternative Medicine

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patients routinely use alternative medicine. However, not as many patients inform their physicians about their preferences. It’s easy for the average patient to fear potential stigmas or judgment by their doctors, so they keep quiet about wanting to know […]. Almost 40% of U.S.

Volunteering with Mercy Ships

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Blog News Patient Care Christel A. Prior to finding out about Mercy Ships, Christel A. Echu, RN, admits that if you asked her if she wanted to volunteer for any organization and not get paid, she would have said, “No.”

Now and Always, Nurses Need to be Advocates for Health Equity

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Advocacy Blog Health & Wellness Patient Care Public Health communication skills empathy Health disparities Health Equity Minority health disparities reproductive health Women's health

Helping the Most Vulnerable Patients During a Pandemic

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However, patients who have cancer face a more complex battle. Blog Coronavirus News Patient Care cancer patients with covid compassion in nursing Gabriella Magarelli Hackensack University Medical Center Nursing careers oncology nurses Oncology nursing patients who have cancer

Why You Need a Patient Advocate

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Do you know what a patient advocate is? They can be an imperative part of your health care, so we wanted to explain what the term means, what they can do, and why you need a patient advocate in your corner. What is a patient advocate. Why would you need a patient advocate?

Five Basic Duties You’ll be Most Likely to Perform as a Nurse

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Nurses are the ties that bind together the healthcare journey of a patient. They work relentlessly to care and advocate for individuals suffering from illnesses and getting through the whole health and wellness journey.

In the Wake of Uvalde, Trauma Surgeons Share Experience of Mass Shootings with Congress

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Advocacy Blog Health & Wellness Hospitals News Patient Care Policy Public Health Texas children's encounters with Death Firearms Gun Violence Epidemic pediatricsWhen Dr. Roy Guerrero, a pediatrician in Uvalde, Texas, testified before a U.S.

Tips for Differentiating Between Pressure Injuries and Moisture Associated Skin Damage (MASD)

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Blog Health & Wellness Patient Care Pressure Injuries Pressure Ulcers (bedsores When it comes to staging pressure injuries (PI) and identifying moisture-associated skin damage (MASD) it can be challenging.

Stressed-out Kids: Task Force Recommends Anxiety Screening for 8 Year Olds. Here’s Why.

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Blog Family Health Health & Wellness Patient Care Children's Health mental health Pediatric nursing reducing depression and anxietyThe U.S.

Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia (NVHAP) Is Killing Patients. Yet There Is a Simple Solution.

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MSN, MBA, FAAN went to a Boston hospital for hip replacement surgery, she was given a pale-pink bucket of toiletries issued to patients in many hospitals. Four years ago, when Karen Giuliano, Ph.D.,

Reducing Mistakes: What Every Nurse Can Do

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Nurses from around the country watched and spoke out, supported her, and shared similar issues about the environment of care that she worked in, the failure of organizations to support nurses after self-disclosure, and the lack of trust in non-punitive response to error.

2018 70

Opioid Tapering: Study Finds Patient OD and Mental Health Risks Remain High for Up to 2 Years

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Nurses who think tapering opioid patients entails a long period of Defcon 2 or 3 vigilance now have more data to support that position. They found that patients on stable but […].

In Absence of National Data on Drug Overdoses, University of Texas Project Turns to Crowd-Sourcing

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Blog Health & Wellness News Patient Care Public Health opioid epidemic SUDIn El Paso, Texas, men lined up outside the Corner of Hope, a homeless resource center, eyeing free supplies on plastic shelves inside a white van.

Amid Overdose Crisis, Harm Reduction Groups Face Local Opposition

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Advocacy Blog Health & Wellness Health Literacy News Patient Care harm reduction opiate use disorder SUDCasey Malish had just pulled into an intersection in the 2nd Ward when a woman with tattoos and pinkish hair unexpectedly hopped into the back seat of his gray Mazda.

At US Hospitals, a Drug Mix-Up Is Just a Few Keystrokes Away

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More than four years ago, Tennessee nurse RaDonda Vaught typed two letters into a hospital’s computerized medication cabinet, selected the wrong drug from the search results, and gave a patient a fatal dose.

Alabama Expands CRNAs Scope of Practice

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Alabama patients now have increased access to safe, affordable care with the signing today of HB 268 by Governor Kay Ivey. Advanced Practice Alabama Blog CRNAs Full Practice Authority/Scope of Practice (FPA) News Patient Care Policy

Tips For a Smoother Healing Process

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Quite often, patients do not heed to doctor’s advice. They can help you with homemaking, personal care, and even medication reminders. It just depends upon your needs and care preferences. For a more comfortable healing process, non-medical home care may be your best bet!

“Why Can’t You Help Me?” Planned Parenthood Clinics Navigate a Post-Roe Landscape

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Blog Patient Care Public Health Texas TexasNurse Abortion Birth Control Methods Health Equity Women's healthA month after the U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, Texas’ two dozen abortion clinics are slowly coming to terms with a future where their work is virtually outlawed.

New Study Delves Into Nurses’ Concerns About Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD)

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Advocacy Blog Health & Wellness Health Literacy Hospitals Nurse educators Patient Care Research End-of-life Care Hospice / End-of-life care Medical Aid in Dying (MAiD) Palliative CareMarcia Bosek D.N.Sc.,

ASU Nurse Receives Grant to Develop Cancer Health Equity Research Center for Hispanic Patients

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A University of Arizona College of Nursing researcher was one of only four recipients of a $4 million American Cancer Society grant to develop a “Cancer Health Equity Research Center” with the goal of improving health equity for Hispanic cancer survivors and family care givers. “We


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Gentle Lift is changing patient care by. CAREGIVER to transfer patients to and. making it safer and easier for a SINGLE. from beds, wheelchairs, vehicles and.

The Magnet Model: How You Can Use It to Better Your Nursing Leadership and Shared Decision-Making

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The Magnet Model recognizes nursing achievements, quality patient care, and innovative thinking within the practice of nursing care.

Magnet Status Is Not Easily Achieved, So What Happens If It’s Lost?

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Excellence in patient care and outcomes High nursing job satisfaction and low turnover High nursing involvement […]. What is a Magnet hospital, and how does a hospital achieve Magnet status? Magnet status is awarded to hospitals as a recognition of excellence in nursing.

What Certifications Do Nurses Need?

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Nursing certifications are essential for nurses and provide additional assurance that the RNs caring for patients are competent, well-trained, seasoned professionals. Numerous studies demonstrate that nurse certification improves patient care and safety.

2002 83

It’s National Healthcare Recruiter Day! It’s Time to Recognize Why Recruiters Are So Vital

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Healthcare recruiters are one of the primary reasons your medical organization can provide exceptional patient care and help you maintain or exceed your bottom line.

Hospices Leverage Tech To Combat Staffing Woes

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Hospices are beginning to leverage technologies used to identify eligible patients in need to recruit and retain staff amid ongoing workforce shortages. California-headquartered Silverado offers hospice and palliative care in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Temecula.

Dr. LaToya Freeman Shares Insights on Med-Surg Nursing

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I am able to influence patient care and outcomes through three spheres of practice: patients, nurses, and the system/organization. I have had the pleasure of working with multidisciplinary teams to provide quality care to patients through a multitude of venues.

New AACN Study Shows Benefits of Healthy Work Environments

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New research from the American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) underscores the ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on nurses and the benefits of creating and sustaining healthy work environments (HWEs) to support nurse staffing, retention and optimal patient care.

“Emergency Nurses of the Future” Video Series Promotes Healthy Nurse Work Environment Initiative

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The series highlights efforts to support emergency nurses in multiple ways – from developing healthier work environments and encouraging self-care to provide tools and resources that bolster patient care. […]. The Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) and dBase Media launched the “Emergency Nurses of the Future” video series to promote its new healthy nurse work environment initiative.

Palliative Care Providers Get Creative to Boost Utilization

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While a critical service for patients with serious illnesses, palliative care is vastly underutilized nationwide. Providers have gotten creative in their efforts to improve utilization, with some incorporating pets into nursing visits with patients.