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Long-Term Care Insurance and Senior In-Home Care

Freedom Home Care and Medical Staffing

As individuals and families plan for the future, one crucial consideration is the potential need for long-term care. Long-term care insurance has emerged as a valuable tool to ensure that individuals can access the care they need without depleting their savings.

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The Dementia Difference: Moving a Loved One to Long-term Care

Life & Death Matters

Perhaps one of the most significant and difficult endings is when the decline in the person’s abilities means they can no longer live at home on their own or with family and must be moved to live in […] The post The Dementia Difference: Moving a Loved One to Long-term Care appeared first on Life and Death Matters.


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Medicaid Long Term Care Programs

Today's Caregiver

Medicaid Planning is the process of legally and ethically protecting my client’s income and assets so that they do not have to go broke before they naturally qualify for one of the Medicaid Long-Term Care Programs described below.

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Long-Term Care Homes

Hospice Volunteering

People in Ontario and Quebec have expressed shock and anger at the findings of the reports produced by the military personnel who have been deployed to long-term care homes in those provinces. The vast majority of deaths from COVID19 in Canada have happened in long-term care homes.

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Does Medicare and Supplemental Insurance Pay for Long-Term Care?

Elder Care Matters

I’m often surprised how many people are shocked to learn that Medicare and Supplemental Insurance does not cover Long-Term care costs. Medicare and Supplemental… The post Does Medicare and Supplemental Insurance Pay for Long-Term Care? appeared first on Elder Care Directory -

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How to Pay for Long-Term Care


Long-term care can be expensive. My care is going to cost 10 grand a month,’” While you or a loved one may not need this type of care now, Genworth , quoting federal statistics, says 7 out of 10 people will require long-term care in their lifetime. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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Long-Term Care Nurse Fired for Not Falsifying Documentation

A long-term care nurse shared that her facility was accused of negligence in failing to use bed rails properly to prevent residents from falling out of bed. . It is unfortunate that the long-term care nurse was terminated from her position at the facility. The report was denied by the organization.