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HSPN ELEVATE: The Common Thread Linking Documentation, Satisfaction, and Revenue Protection

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Hospice News: Today we will talk about threads of clinical documentation and satisfaction and also revenue protection. Here’s an area that you missed from a documentation perspective where you could get dinged by CMS for not documenting it, either this element or this way.” One example is a CTI. They love doing it.

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Only 22% of Americans Have Documented End-of-Life Wishes

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A majority of people in the United States know the types of end-of-life care they wish to receive, but only 22% have documented their wishes. About 25% of those who have documented their wishes are white. The post Only 22% of Americans Have Documented End-of-Life Wishes appeared first on Hospice News. NYSE: CHE).

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Meticulous Documentation a Hospices Best Defense in HIS Audit Appeals

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Hospices that are meticulous and vigilant with documentation see the best results when appealing payment cuts associated with Hospice Item Set (HIS) audits. This means hospices must move quickly to take action and should work to avoid documentation issues that could slow them down, according to Harris and Nowicki.

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Hospice chaplain documentation webinar

Hospice Chaplaincy

If you are a hospice chaplain in need of polishing up your visit documentation, this is a webinar for you. This webinar will be on Monday September 25th at 10:00am Central Standard Time. The registration fee is only $45.The The most scrutinized area for hospices by the U.S. centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is […]

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Protect Yourself With These Tips on Proper Documentation

An RN claims his nurse manager criticized him for documenting in the medical record that a patient was “combative and noncompliant,” after the patient struck the RN and another nurse during discharge. The RN wonders how he should’ve documented the incident since the nurse manager didn’t provide constructive feedback.

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Emergency Documents

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Be prepared for an emergency by compiling these key documents in a safe, easily accessible location. Trusted loved ones also need to have access to financial information so if money is not available for care, they have the necessary documents to apply for state-funded services. Documents and storage. No one is scrambling.”.

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Can Nurses Document Medical Diagnoses in Patients’ Charts?

A physician signs off on patients’ visits and completes the documentation in the electronic medical records (EMR). Medical diagnosis vs. nursing diagnosis The existing documentation practices are bothersome for several reasons. First, are her decisions and documentation considered a medical diagnosis?

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