November, 2022

‘Doing Good by Doing Well:’ Founder Jessica McGlory Launches Guaranteed with $6.5 Million Seed Round

Hospice News

Two years after her own father passed away, entrepreneur Jessica McGlory felt called to launch her own provider company, California-based Guaranteed, which began operations three months ago in Los Angeles.

What to Look for When Visiting Aging Loved Ones this Thanksgiving

Aging Life Care Association

During the holiday season families and friends often make special visits to aging loved ones. Aging Life Care Managers® suggest you use this time to take note of any changes in health, behavior, or physical appearance. You may discover your aging loved one now needs more help or attention.

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Why Hospitals Should Increase Mental Health Support for Nurses

Daily Nurse

There’s no question that nursing is a stressful job; however, that stress comes with a price: mental health. Nurses — especially female nurses — are more likely to suffer from mental health disorders stemming from burnout and are at a significantly higher suicide rate than the rest of the population.

Reflections on War for Remembrance Day

Life & Death Matters

Ted and I travelled this past June to the Canadian Memorial at Vimy Ridge in Northern France and the Flanders Museum in Ypres in Belgium. It was a special trip, as both of our grandfathers fought in the world wars of the 20th century.

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How Seniors Can Help with Thanksgiving Dinner | Caring Senior Service

Caring Senior Service

Holidays can cause a lot of stress for older adults and their families. Traditions can bring up poignant and painful memories, and having the family together can highlight declining health and loss of independence in senior loved ones. But seniors should never be left out of the holiday festivities.

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Anthony’s Christmas with Santa

The Bucket-List Blog

Our stories about meaningful experiences are written as they unfold. Therefore, most stories are in the present tense. Some of the patients in these stories are no longer with us. They, and their families, gave us permission to share their experience with you.

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As More Hospices Close Their Doors, Staffing Strains Are Becoming Crystalized

Hospice News

Staffing issues have increasingly been at the root of leading causes behind shuttered hospice programs nationwide. Demographics are pushing up demand for end-of-life care amid long-standing staffing shortages in hospice.

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U.S. Army Veteran Fights Under New Banner Caring for Kids Facing Cancer

Daily Nurse

In honor of Veteran’s Day, Daily Nurse chatted with Richard Ramos, RN, MS, CNS, PNP, CPON, a pediatric oncology nurse at Stanford Medicine Children’s Health and veteran of the U.S.

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3 Ways To Support Caregivers To Integrate a Palliative Approach in LTC

Life & Death Matters

Ontario developed the “Fixing Long Term Care Act” in response to the crisis in long-term care (LTC) that occurred during COVID. They promise to enforce adherence. However, the crisis in LTC in Ontario is not unique – LTC facilities across the country are struggling (Ontario, 2021).

Full Practice Authority Gains Ground in 26 States: What This Means for Nurse Practitioners 

Minority Nurse

In the long struggle to gain full practice authority (FPA), nurse practitioners (NPs) can point to notable advances in the last few years. Now, patients in more than half of the states, the District of Columbia, and two U.S. territories have full, direct healthcare access from NPs.

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Joy Makes Home Visit

The Bucket-List Blog

Our stories about meaningful experiences are written as they unfold. Therefore, most stories are in the present tense. Some of the patients in these stories are no longer with us. They, and their families, gave us permission to share their experience with you.

Blog 83

22 States Petition CMS to End COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate

Hospice News

Attorneys General from 22 states have petitioned the U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) to eliminate the COVID-19 vaccine requirement for health care workers.

How to Create a Culture of Gratitude

Healthy Workforce Institute

November is National Gratitude Month , although many healthcare professionals don’t feel so…well…grateful. We get it – between the pandemic and nursing shortage, we understand why there is a reluctance to embrace a culture of gratitude this year.

12 Types of Nursing Certifications and What They Mean for Student Nurses

Daily Nurse

Nursing certifications are essential to provide the best possible care for your patients. There are many different types of certifications, and each one offers a different set of skills and knowledge. By being certified, you can show your patients that you are a competent and qualified nurse.

“No matter what your story is, you are not alone”

Together for Short Lives

On 17 November it’s World Prematurity Day – a global movement to raise awareness of premature birth and the sometimes devastating impact it can have on families.

Blog 83

Dr. LaToya Freeman Shares Insights on Med-Surg Nursing

Minority Nurse

A member of the Academy of Medical-Surgical Nurses (AMSN), LaToya Freeman DNP, APRN, ACCNS-AG, CPPS, HNB-BC, PCCN is also a clinical nurse specialist at Michigan Medicine. In honor of Med-Surg Nurses Week, Dr. Freeman shared her thoughts about this nursing specialty with Minority Nurse.

To Celebrate 100 Years of Life

The Bucket-List Blog

Our stories about meaningful experiences are written as they unfold. Therefore, most stories are in the present tense. Some of the patients in these stories are no longer with us. They, and their families, gave us permission to share their experience with you.

Blog 83

Hospices Expanding Services for the Veteran Population

Hospice News

The nation’s veterans are aging along with the rest of the U.S. population, and hospices are developing more programs and resources to address their unique needs.

5 Myths About Kids and Grief


In a time of many sobering statistics, those about children impacted by the COVID pandemic are perhaps the most heartwrenching. More than 250,000 had lost a primary or secondary caregiver in the U.S. as of May 1, 2022. Worldwide, Nearly 8 million kids lost a primary caregiver or parent.

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Nurse’s Side-Gig: Concierge with VIP Appointments

Daily Nurse

Ever wonder what it would be like to work at a wellness center as a nurse concierge with VIP patients?

Grief, Loss, and Well-Being Debriefing: Vickie Leff, Matthew Loscalzo, Craig Blinderman


Summary Transcript Summary. Health care professionals are human, and as humans we experience loss both in and out of work.

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High Peaks Hospice celebrates 35 years by looking back at their beginning

High Peaks Hospice

Ann Merkel and some of the group of original High Peaks Hospice founders gathered to create a video to document the story of High Peaks Hospice’s beginnings. We invite you to watch the video below and leave your comments.

Perioperative Nurses Are OR’s Traffic Control

Minority Nurse

November 13-19 celebrates Perioperative Nurses Week , and nurses interested in this specialty area of nursing can find out more about what perioperative nurses do.

Amedisys CEO Gerard ‘Terminated Without Cause;’ Kusserow to Return

Hospice News

Chris Gerard, CEO of Amedisys Inc. NASDAQ: AMED), is leaving the company as of today. Chairman and former CEO Paul Kusserow will return as Amedisys’ chief executive. Gerard was “terminated without cause,” according to a filing with the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission.

Ep.6: The State of Training in 2022

Home Care Pulse

Ep.6: The State of Training in 2022 During a 10-minute online survey, agencies were asked to share more about their challenges, successes, and future goals around their employee training programs.

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Nurse of the Week: Tricia Seaman Oncology Nurse Fulfills Dying Patient’s Final Request 

Daily Nurse

When oncology nurse Tricia Seaman‘s patient learned that her cancer had spread and she only had months to live, Seaman did her best to console her. But that afternoon in March 2014, Trish Somers didn’t want to be consoled.

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Nurses Cope With Grief While Caring for Others

Nurses have faced grief on overdrive in the last several years with the unexpected challenges brought by the pandemic. Many days, your job requires you to show up and care for others while you continue grieving for someone else. Your grief may look very different than your coworker’s down the hall.

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Holiday Supports

Chicago Caregiving

Supporting a loved one with cancer through the holidays. Everything that makes the holidays so special — family time, parties, gifts — can also make this time of year extra taxing for people with cancer.

Tips on Passing the NCLEX Exam

Minority Nurse

The National Council Licensure Examination is a prerequisite for becoming a nurse, and with increased nursing school applicants, we thought it would be worthwhile to offer tips on how best to pass the NCLEX.

Changing Hospice Conversation Key to Improving Caregiver Support

Hospice News

Support for family caregivers of seriously ill patients is both limited and fragmented, but changing the conversation about the end of life could fill some of the gaps.

Mirror Image: How Well Does Your Website Reflect Your Brand?

Home Care Pulse

Article Contents: – Introduction. – Make Sure Your Site Has Visual Appeal. – Pay Attention to Your Navigation. – Choose Content to Improve Your Conversion Rate. – Make Sure You’re Reflecting Your Brand Throughout Your Website. Article Contents: 1.

What is a CNA? Job Description and Career Guide

Daily Nurse

A Certified Nursing Assistant, or CNA, provides basic care to patients in hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical facilities. There is a demand for CNAs in all 50 states, so the job outlook is good. Demand for CNAs in All 50 States The U.S.

Sharing Gratitude and More: Thank You, Nurses

The holiday season inspires us to cherish friends and family, but it’s often someone you meet by chance that makes the difference you didn’t know you needed. This time of year brings wonderful opportunities to reflect on why we are thankful for nurses and how they make a difference.

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Improving Social Engagement for Introverted Seniors

Home Sweet Home In-Home Care

Enhancing social engagement for introverted seniors can help older adults feel more comfortable at events. Get ready…the holidays are here!

For Nurses, “Just” is a Four-Letter Word

Minority Nurse

If you’re a nurse, when was the last time you said, “Oh, I’m just a nurse” or “I’m not really an expert–I’m just a nurse”? If you stop to think about it, what are you really saying when you deny your expertise?

Comfort Care Homes Build Bridges to Hospice for Underserved Patients

Hospice News

For terminally ill patients who lack secure housing or loved ones to care for them, hospice is typically not an option. Organizations called comfort care homes have been working to fill this gap.

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HCP Launches Customer Advisory Board to Relieve the Post-Acute Care Industry’s Biggest Challenges

Home Care Pulse

R EXBURG, I daho , November 9, 2022 —HCP, the l eading provider of e xperience m anagement ,? training , and?