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Understanding Trauma-Informed Care in Nursing Practice

AJN Off the Charts

Practicing trauma-informed-care (TIC) can help address this problem. June is PTSD awareness month, and we’d like to highlight our April CE feature, “ Trauma-Informed Care in Nursing Practice.” Trauma-informed care is founded on the following core principles: safety. trustworthiness and transparency. peer support.

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Cybersecurity Tips to Protect Your Information

Minority Nurse

Cybersecurity threats are real, but you can take many steps to help protect your own information. October is designated as Cybersecurity Awareness Month and offers excellent resources to help you take steps to make it tougher for anyone to gain your information. This simple step keeps all that information in your control.


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The Nursing Beat is Changing How Healthcare Information is Absorbed

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It’s the creation of a consortium of nurses sharing a strong desire to foster community with the goal to make the ever-evolving world of healthcare easy to digest by arming healthcare professionals with the most up-to-date information. . Nurses Supporting Community Initiatives . Magic Behind The Startup.

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Helpful Tips & Information

Comforcare Home Care

COMFORCARE HELPFUL TIPS UPDATES AND INFORMATION. Beware of scams: Do not fall for phone calls, texts, emails or websites that ask for personal or financial information. · SOCIAL DISTANCING DOESN’T MEAN COMPLETE ISOLATION. OUR STAFF IS BUSY MAKING SURE NO ONE FEELS ISOLATED. Do not let anyone in your home that you do not know.

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Elder Care Matters

For couples… The post MEDICAID INFORMATION THAT CAN PROTECT YOUR FAMILY’S ASSETS appeared first on Elder Care Directory -

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COVID-19 Pandemic: The need to keep decision makers informed of the effects of restrictions on people living in Care Homes

Evidence-Based Nursing - BMJ blogs

All residents in our home have chosen to receive the COVID-19 booster vaccinations but are not given the option to make an informed decision on whether they would like to stay in their rooms with limited communal activity, and certainly no access to community entertainment or groups, if someone else within the home tests positive to COVID-19.

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Stay Informed With Career Insights From the 2022 Nurse Salary Report

The post Stay Informed With Career Insights From the 2022 Nurse Salary Report appeared first on Blog. This snapshot from our salary report touches on only a fraction of the various matters explored in our survey that affect nurses every day. Are you curious how your career compares to another area? Interested in learning more?

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