12 Types of Nursing Certifications and What They Mean for Student Nurses

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Nursing certifications are essential to provide the best possible care for your patients. By being certified, you can show your patients that you are a competent and qualified nurse. One of the most critical aspects of nursing […].

Nurse Practitioners in the Ascendant

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Now more than ever, the role of the nurse practitioner is hitting new heights in terms of career opportunities, NP autonomy, and patients’ ability to access expert care provided by dedicated advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) throughout the U.S.


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Your Nursing Career Mitochondria

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In terms of your nursing career, what are the mitochondria that power your engine? If you need to stoke the fire of your nursing career, the […]. Blog Career Advice News career advice career ATP Nurse Keith nursing nursing career Nursing Career Mitochondria

8 Things Every Nurse Needs

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From the practical to the personal, here are eight things every nurse needs to be successful at any stage in their career. Pens disappear quickly, and having a supply is a must for all nurses.

Nurse of the Week: NJ School Nurse Uses School Nursing to Educate and Uplift Students, Families, and the Community

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School nursing builds a culture of health and improves health outcomes in their communities. Today’s Nurse of the Week is a school nurse passionate about using the school nursing profession to educate and uplift students, families, and the community.

Psychiatric Nurse Finds Her Niche

Daily Nurse

During her last rotation as a nursing student at an outpatient program for severely mentally ill patients, Dawn Bounds found her calling as a psychiatric nurse.

Nurse Finds Her Passion as Nurse Educator

Minority Nurse

My nursing education journey began when I received my BSN in Nursing at Rutgers College of Nursing in 2011. Their strength helped me to see myself as a strong but caring nurse. A Strong Caring Nurse.

2011 71

Nurse of the Week: Meet Long Island’s 2022 Nurse of Excellence

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Nurse leaders from Long Island’s hospitals and nursing education programs honored Patricia Woloszyn, DNP, RN, PMHCNS-BC, NPP psychiatric clinical nurse specialist at Stony Brook University Hospital, with the 2022 Nurse of Excellence Award.

2022 84

What Certifications Do Nurses Need?

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Nursing certifications are essential for nurses and provide additional assurance that the RNs caring for patients are competent, well-trained, seasoned professionals. Numerous studies demonstrate that nurse certification improves patient care and safety.

2002 83

How to Combat the Nursing Shortage: Tips for Recruiting Quality Candidates

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Are you a recruiter or healthcare manager looking for an edge on what nurses want and how to attract quality nurse applicants?

9 Simple Nursing School Tips Help You Succeed in Your Nursing Career

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Nursing school is a rewarding but challenging experience. Nursing school can be overwhelming, and it takes […]. You must struggle to balance work and other important aspects of your life. You still have unread texts and exams to deal with while doing all of this.

Nurse of the Week: Tricia Seaman Oncology Nurse Fulfills Dying Patient’s Final Request 

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When oncology nurse Tricia Seaman‘s patient learned that her cancer had spread and she only had months to live, Seaman did her best to console her. Blog News Nurse of the Week nurse of the week oncology nurse Tricia Seaman

2014 79

Nurse of the Week: Nurse Educator Becomes a Nursepreneur to Change the Game for New Nurses

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“It’s time for a Nursing Revolution!” says nurse educator Farah Laurent, International Nurse Coach, MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CPXP, NPD-BC, TCRN, CPEN, CEN. Laurent is a nurse mentor, educator, […].

$14M Gift to UVA School of Nursing Increases Access, Addresses Nurse, Nurse Faculty Shortages 

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The University of Virginia’s School of Nursing received a new $14 million commitment from longtime benefactors Joanne and Bill Conway of Washington, D.C., The Conways’ generosity will enable the school to reduce the cost of nursing education for students; offer financial support […].

Three Trailblazing Hawaiian Nurses: Part 2 – First Hawaiian Registered Nurse

Minority Nurse

Welcome to part two of Three Trailblazing Hawaiian Nurses blog series – Mabel Leilani Smyth, First Hawaiian Registered Nurse with Hawaiian ancestry, often referred to as “Hawai?i’s This rich blend is reflective of its nursing history. Mabel Smyth Begins Career as a Nurse .

Emergency Nurses Association Hosts Emergency Nursing 2022 in Denver

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Thousands of emergency nurses from around the world are convening Sept. 3 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver for the Emergency Nursing Association’s (ENA) Emergency Nursing 2022. 30 – Oct.

2022 71

Peering into the Post-COVID Nursing Curriculum

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Nursing education after COVID will rely more on technology and digital tools than ever. Simulation and online learning will be part and parcel of the curriculum for nursing students. Nursing education, according to […].

Transitioning from In-Person to a Remote Nursing Position

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You can take two paths in nursing: attend hospitals and clinics as an in-person nurse or transition into a remote nursing position working remotely through telemedicine.

Emergency Nurses: Steady in Chaos

Minority Nurse

Nurses are lauded for their calm and focused manner when everything around them is erupting, but emergency nurses bring this laser focus to their jobs every day. Emergency nurses work within a specialty, but that specialty encompasses nearly every possible area of nursing.

For Nurses, “Just” is a Four-Letter Word

Minority Nurse

If you’re a nurse, when was the last time you said, “Oh, I’m just a nurse” or “I’m not really an expert–I’m just a nurse”? Like I’ve said before, nurses have been voted the most trusted professionals in the U.S.

Scoping Out the Surgical Intensive Care Nurse

Daily Nurse

An outgoing nature, a desire to act as a patient advocate, and a willingness to function outside your comfort zone are among the attributes you need to be a successful surgical intensive care nurse.

My Journey to Becoming a Nurse Leader at a Travel Nursing Agency

Daily Nurse

Nursing school has played a huge role in starting my nursing career on my journey to becoming a nurse leader. While living in Idaho, I was studying to receive a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN).

Risks Facing Nurse Practitioners Today

Minority Nurse

Nurse practitioners (NPs) have a great deal of responsibility regarding patient care, and as the healthcare landscape evolves, so do the daily risks NPs face. Nurse Practitioner Professional Liability Exposure Claim Report, Fifth Edition. Nurse Practitioner’s Failure and Outcome.

Chatting with Nurse Blake, RN and Most Popular Nurse Advocate on SM: Part 3

Minority Nurse

Have you read Part 1 and Part 2 of our interview with popular nurse influencer and nursing advocate Nurse Blake? Whether you know Nurse Blake from his Facebook videos, podcast, live shows, or cruises, he’s proven that he’s a force to be reckoned with! I’m a nurse.

2015 65

Nurse of the Week: Nurse Georgie Partners with WWE Diva to Empower Nurses Through Self-defense

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Georgina Villarreal, RN-MSN, or Nurse Georgie, is on a mission to empower nurses and active women in everyday life. Her latest venture is teaching nurses how to protect themselves through self-defense. And we’re thrilled to name Villarreal our Nurse of the Week.

Nurse of the Week: A Registered Nurse with a Heart of Gold

Daily Nurse

Nurse Malgorzata Rega at Gouverneur Health in New York City approaches each day with energy and passion for her job as a registered nurse. Blog News Nurse of the Week Gouverneur Health Mark Gafur Nurse Malgorzata Rega nurse of the week Nurse Rega

Why Hospitals Should Increase Mental Health Support for Nurses

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There’s no question that nursing is a stressful job; however, that stress comes with a price: mental health. Blog Health & Wellness News mental health Mental Health Support Mental Health Support for Nurses nurse burnout stress

Ethics in Nursing

Diversity Nursing

What is Nursing Ethics? Ethics in Nursing helps Nurses maintain professional accountability and navigate the complexities of the Nursing profession. Ethics is one of the most critical concepts in Nursing as it dictates our role as caregivers.

Nurse of the Week: Retiring Pediatric Oncology Nurse Brings Legacy Full Circle

Daily Nurse

September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and Daily Nurse is proud to name Leslie Griffith, a staff RN who spent more than 40 years helping children with cancer at the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health as the Nurse of the Week.

AACN Statement Addresses Evolving Tele-critical Care Nursing Practice

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The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (AACN) updated its landmark standards for tele-critical care nursing practice, offering specific recommendations for developing and enhancing tele-critical care programs.

2013 87

Top 5 Tips for Negotiating the Best Nursing Salary

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Ever wonder how to negotiate for the best salary as a nurse? If you’re just starting your nursing career, this can be tricky. Even well-seasoned nurses can struggle to find the right nurse lifestyle and salary to go along with it.

Meet Occupational Health Nurse Dr. Betty Sanisidro

Minority Nurse

For nurses who enjoy both nursing and business, occupational health nursing is a career that combines both interests. Nursing, says Sanisidro, was a calling she recognized from an early age. For those reasons, Sanisidro says advanced degrees will benefit nurses.

Magnet and the Advancement of the Nursing Profession

Daily Nurse

Many organizations, events, concepts, and theoretical frameworks drive innovation and advancement in nursing. With our profession currently reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there couldn’t be a better time for nurses to gather together and envision the future.

Nurse of the Week: Florida Nurse Helps Man After Collapsing During Funny Girl Performance

Daily Nurse

Nicole Horochowski, a nurse from Florida, was the true star of the hit Broadway musical Funny Girl after helping a man who collapsed during the performance. Last week Horochowski was a Broadway star, and this week she’s our Nurse of the Week.

Is Nursing an Art or a Science?

Diversity Nursing

Nursing is a profession that requires compassion as well as expertise, making it both an art and a science. Empathy and compassion are critical characteristics of an excellent Nurse. Nurses must also be educated, motivated, and have a strong understanding of evidence-based practice.

Nurse of the Week: Home Health Nurse Julie Lakomiak Donates A Kidney to Someone She’s Never Met

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Last Wednesday, Julie Lakomiak, a home health nurse from Plainfield, Illinois, donated her kidney to a “non-directed recipient.” This week, she’s our Nurse of the Week. But as a nurse for almost 20 years, she wanted to help someone in need and make others […].

Always a Nurse  

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I have been fortunate to have supportive mentors to provide ongoing guidance, knowledge, and encouragement throughout my nursing career. News Healthcare nursing career nursing education

Lions, Gazelles, and Nurses

Nurse Keith's Digital Doorway

Nursing has a hierarchy of power and experience just like any other profession; in fact, it also has a hierarchy that sometimes feels akin to the laws of survival on the savanna or in the jungle. But what about the newer nurses? All things Nurse Keith can be found at NurseKeith.com.

Nurse of the Week: Nursing Grad Continues Family Career That Spans Three Generations

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When Dilon Petersen graduated from the UNLV School of Nursing in August, he became the third member of his family to do so. Dilon’s father and grandmother are both UNLV School of Nursing alumni and share an affinity for nursing that has persisted from one generation to the next.

Chatting with Nurse Blake, RN and Most Popular Nurse Influencer on SM: Part 2

Minority Nurse

Have you read Part 1 of our interview with popular nurse influencer and nursing advocate Nurse Blake? Whether you know Nurse Blake from his Facebook videos, podcast, live shows, or cruises, he’s proven that he’s a force to be reckoned with! Last year, we had 3,500 nurses.

Advanced Nursing Education Helps Nurse-Midwife Find Perfect Nursing Niche as Medical Consultant

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I’ve used my nursing education in more conventional ways, like working as a certified nurse midwife (CNM) at the hospital, clinic, and birth center.

Nurse Practitioner Liability Report Reveals Malpractice Claim Costs Are on the Rise

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The average total incurred amount of a nurse practitioner malpractice claim has increased to $332,137 – a jump of more than 10.5% since 2017, according to a newly released claim report published by the Nurses Service Organization (NSO), a division of Aon Affinity.

2017 93

Want to Be a Travel Nurse?

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but felt tied down because of a nursing job? Then, travel nursing may be the right path for you. With travel nursing, you can choose the length of your stay, take extended holidays and vacations when you don’t wish to work, and enjoy traveling to many different […].