Chamberlain University’s Master of Social Work Degree Program Receives Initial Accreditation by the CSWE Commission

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Chamberlain University’s Master of Social Work (MSW) degree program receives Initial Accreditation through 2030 by the Council on Social Work Education’s (CSWE) Commission on Accreditation (COA).

National Social Work Month

Hospice Promise

National Social Work Month. March is National Social Work Month, which means we’re celebrating all the great work Nick and Ana do for our patients! When asked about their favorite part of Hospice social work, Nick and Ana shared.


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Hospice Social Work in a Pandemic

Hope Hospice

In honor of Social Work Appreciation Month this March, we celebrate our wonderful social work team. Social work visits, though certainly essential to the hospice experience, are not classified as medically essential in these COVID-19 times.

The Role of Social Work in Hospice

Hope Hospice

One professional on the team is your medical social worker. What is the role of social work in hospice? Hope Hospice’s Veronica Martin, MSW, ASW, explains: A social worker is part of the hospice care team. Blog Hospice social work

On the Value of Social Work in Palliative Care


by Vickie Leff ( @VickieLeff ) Another year, another study proving the value of the palliative care social worker. This adds to what we already knew: involvement of social work impacts quality of care and patient satisfaction (Auerbach, 2007; O’Donnell et al.,

Lawmakers Introduce Bill to Break Down Advance Care Planning Barriers

Hospice News

Those of us working to improve care for those impacted by serious illness have known that high copays for advance care planning were a barrier to equitable, patient-centered care,” C-TAC CEO Jon Broyles said in a statement. Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Mark Warner (D-Va.)

Federal Legislation Would Create National Strategy on Grief

Hospice News

This would include social workers, grief counselors, and chaplains, among others. Featured Legislation Regulation Hospice Action Network National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization Social Work Hospice & Palliative Care NetworkJoe Morelle (D-N.Y.)

Grief 206

Palliative Care Social Worker Infographic


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Founders, Leaders and Futurists in Palliative Care: Terry Altilio, MSW, ACSW, LCSW

Palliative Care Chat Podcast

Trained as a social worker, Ms. Atilio has been a leader in social work. She was PDIA scholar and a MayDay Fellow and led the development of the role of social work in pain management. She co-edited the Textbook of Palliative Social Work. Trained as a social worker, Ms. Atilio has been a leader in social work. She was PDIA scholar and a MayDay Fellow and led the development of the role of social work in pain management.

Social Workers as Leaders on Palliative Care Teams: A Podcast with Barbara Jones


In day-to-day practice, It’s hard to imagine providing excellent hospice or palliative care services without access to a team social worker. But are we really taking full advantage of ALL social workers have to offer our field? We need social work’s voice in here.

Hospice Case Manager Workloads Correlate With Longer Stays, Profitability

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One strategy that some hospices have adopted is to involve more social workers in case management while trying to stay in that 13-25 patient range. Careful management of hospice care manager workloads correlates with longer lengths of stay.

Social Workers Leaving Hospice, Health Care in Record Numbers

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Hospice have lost social worker employees at a faster rate than any health care setting in the care continuum. . Social workers have left the health care field at record-high rates during the pandemic, according to data from the Peterson-Kaiser Family Foundation Health System Tracker.

Founders, Leaders and Futurists in Palliative Care: Shirley Otis Green

Palliative Care Chat Podcast

Trained as a social worker, Shirley has been an oncology and palliative social worker. She was co-editor fo the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Social Work. Trained as a social worker, Shirley has been an oncology and palliative social worker. She was co-editor fo the Oxford Textbook of Palliative Social Work. She is a consultant in palliative care. She serves as faculty within the Master’s program at University of Maryland.

Two Hospices Halt Services Amid Staffing Shortages

Hospice News

Personal care and social work referrals will also end. Two hospices have lost the battle against workforce shortages, with one halting some of its service lines and another shutting down altogether. Hospice and Home Care of Juneau shutters.

Ohio’s Hospice Lifecare Expands EMT Training Program to Help Grow Workforce

Hospice News

Most medical, nursing and social work students receive little training in hospice and palliative care during the course of their education. Ohio’s Hospice Lifecare has partnered with a local college to grow its workforce through an emergency medical technician (EMT) internship program.

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NHPCO-Led Coalition Welcomes Introduction of GRIEF ACT in Congress


As the leading voice of the hospice community, NHPCO worked in collaboration with supporting organizations to garner Congressional support for this bill. For Immediate Release. September 30, 2022 .

Grief 83

Karen Wulfekuhle Joins Hospice of the Red River Valley as Community Relations Specialist

Hospice Red River Valley

Karen received her bachelor’s degree in social work at Minnesota State University in Moorhead, Minn. Hospice of the Red River Valley welcomes Karen Wulfekuhle as a community relations specialist.

Hospices Likely to Ramp Up Behavioral Health Investments

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Longstanding social stigma around mental health care is largely dissipating globally, according to a 2020 survey by the HealthPartners Institute found. Basically, there are gaps in need, and that both presents an opportunity for entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship.

Hospice Social Worker position available

High Peaks Hospice

High Peaks Hospice has an immediate opening for a Hospice Social Worker in our northern catchment area. The Social Worker provides concrete social work services and actively participates in developing patient/family care plans. Become a member of our growing Hospice Team!

The Fastest Growing US Hospice Companies

Hospice News

is thrilled to honor the companies that have established themselves through innovation, hard work, and rising to the challenges of today.”. HealthFlex provides home health, hospice, palliative care, social work, and personal care. Five hospice providers made Inc.

Employee Spotlight: Ana

Hospice Promise

We’re ending #NationalSocialWorkMonth on a high note with a spotlight on Ana, MSW, one of our lovely Social Workers! Ana has been a Social Worker for three years now. She obtained her Master’s in Social Work and has been with Hospice Promise since finishing her schooling!

Employee Spotlight: Nick

Hospice Promise

Nick has been a Social Worker since graduating from the Arizona School of Social Work with his Master’s Degree in 2017. After graduating, Nick worked as a Case Manager for SMI adults with substance abuse disorders and developmental delays. Employee Spotlight: Nick.

Researchers Build Framework for Pediatric Palliative Care Growth

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If enacted, PCHETA would authorize $100 million over the course of five years to support programs designed to bolster clinical education in hospice and palliative care, along with related interdisciplinary professions such as chaplaincy, pharmacy and social work.

Senate Again Takes Up Hospice, Palliative Staffing Bill

Hospice News

If enacted, PCHETA would support hospice and palliative care training programs for physicians, nurses, pharmacists, social workers and chaplains. In order to preserve access to this care, our bill would strengthen training and education opportunities for individuals working in these fields.”.

High Peaks Hospice celebrates 35 years by looking back at their beginning

High Peaks Hospice

The program was unique, providing family oriented comprehensive services which included medical, nursing, social work, spiritual care, volunteer support, bereavement services as well as the availability of specialty care by physical therapists, nutritionists and speech therapists.

AccentCare CMO Natarajan: Trust Crucial for Hospices Engaging LGBTQ+ Communities

Hospice News

Additionally, helping patients understand how to craft clear advance directives and assigning medical power of attorney to a partner or spouse are crucial tasks that the social work team needs to have experience in supporting. How can providers work to increase access to care?

Calvary Hospital COO: Hospice Nurse Residency Programs Reproducible at National Scale

Hospice News

Hospice News sat down with Comfort to talk about Calvary’s hospice and palliative care model, its work to educate clinicians on the nature of those services and how to provide them, as well as the organization’s partnership with other local resources.

Pediatric Hospice and Palliative Clinicians Face High Burnout Risk

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This can add to the strain of their work as they care for very different populations with different needs, according to Joan Harold, director of home care clinical services at Michigan-based Angela Hospice. “[It]

Contract Nurse Utilization Normalizing, But Hospice Staffing Situation Remains Dire

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Even now, medical, nursing and social work students receive very little exposure to hospice or palliative care during their training.

What are the most common diagnosis in hospice care?

Sahara Hospice Care

– Hospice Social Work: A Calling That Satisfies. Hospice patients that are qualified to be in hospice must have a diagnosis from their primary physician and have a life expectancy of 6 months or less.

2021 52

Hospices Have High Hopes for PCHETA, But Is It Enough?

Hospice News

If enacted, PCHETA would authorize $100 million over the course of five years to support programs designed to bolster clinical education in hospice and palliative care, along with related interdisciplinary professions such as chaplaincy, pharmacy and social work.

Help Your Nursing Grad Students Come to Grips With Data

Minority Nurse

In his upcoming webinar session, Dr. Lani will use mock data to work through faculty and students’ research questions, prepare and graph data, select and conduct the correct statistical analyses, and demonstrate how to appropriately present results.

Improving Student Outcomes With Integrated Certification and Licensing Tools

Minority Nurse

A virtual learning experience is a good fit for professionals juggling work and home responsibilities along with their post-graduate education. Interactive exam preparation is the natural next step for today’s nursing and social work graduate students.

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Why You Should Start Hospice Sooner Than Later

Hope Hospice

Hope’s hospice program also provides: Social workers to assist with medical paperwork and resources. The hospice team is composed of many practitioners working together to ensure the patient is cared for on a holistic level. The Role of Social Work in Hospice.

Grief 83

Hospice. A Brief History.

Americare Hospice

Dame Cicely Saunders was a British registered nurse whose chronic health problems had forced her to pursue a career in medical social work. Saunders entered medical school while continuing her volunteer work at St.

2021 52

The Secret is Out: Hospice Recertification Made Easy!

Hospice Nurse Hero

If you’ve worked long enough as a hospice nurse, then there’s a good chance you’ve had to chart a patient’s hospice recertification. How Hospice Benefit Periods Work. This post may contain affiliate links.


Benefits of Art Therapy During Bereavement

Hospice of the North Coast

Thus, is the gift of art and grief work. About the Author: Kelly Gehlhaar holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work. Early in her career she worked primarily with children and youth and has been working in Hospice Bereavement for the past four years.

Grief, Loss, and Well-Being Debriefing: Vickie Leff, Matthew Loscalzo, Craig Blinderman


Health care professionals are human, and as humans we experience loss both in and out of work. We also brought in Vickie Leff to talk about the work she does with Wellness Debriefings. I’m glad, we should be working as a team. We had to work at it.

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Cultural Mental Healthcare Disparities

Diversity Nursing

Transportation issues, difficulty finding childcare/taking time off work. The Melanated Social Work Podcast. There are large disparities in mental healthcare across races and ethnicities in the U.S.

Celebrating Social Worker Month – March 2022

High Peaks Hospice

High Peaks Hospice Celebrates National Social Worker Month from March 1-31st. We’ve asked some questions to the team members to help share their insight and allow a better understanding of them as individuals and/or the work they do. Hospice Social Worker.

Is Nursing Students’ Mental Health in Jeopardy?

They compared the data to that from an “other” category of students and faculty from fields such as dentistry, pharmacy, public health, and social work. In a study , faculty and students in nursing schools and other health sciences at 10 large U.S.

2030 52

Fostering Student Interest in Palliative Care


What is the not-so-subtle message being conveyed about our work? Because we need more people interested in working in palliative care and hospice as a career.

2021 52

Assisted Living Communities: Podcast with Sheryl Zimmerman, Kenny Lam, and Ken Covinsky


Sheryl: Oh, and I love that you stumbled over that word because people who’ve been working in this field, assisted living facilities, and I mean this seriously, they call that the F-word. It was that there should be a consistent or minimum direct care to work resident to worker ratio.