5 Tips to Stop Feeling Incompetent for New Hospice Nurses

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If you’re a new hospice nurse, you might feel overwhelmed. You may also wonder if your prior nursing experience is enough. Before you settle into those feelings too much, you might want to explore these 5 tips to help you stop feeling incompetent as a new hospice nurse.

Shining From Within: The Difference Between a Good Hospice Nurse and an Amazing Hospice Nurse.

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Are you a good hospice nurse? Or, are you an AMAZING Hospice Nurse? In my eight-years as a Hospice Nurse, I’ve worked with some good hospice nurses, some bad hospice nurses, and then I’ve had the honor and privilege of working with some AMAZING hospice nurses. I’ve learned, and have seen through observations firsthand, what truly makes a good hospice nurse different from an AMAZING hospice nurse.

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Hospice Nurses Take a Holistic Approach to Dementia Care


This can only be achieved if care teams, including hospice nurses, know the latest evidence-based strategies for dementia care. But hospice nurses also recognize the challenges these patients and their families face every day and are ready to help ease their distress and fear.

Top 5 Strategies You Need To Survive Hospice Nursing

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Whether you’ve been a nurse for one day or 20 years, there are 5 strategies you need to survive hospice nursing. It’s not unusual for hospice nurses to say that it’s their calling. Hospice nursing can be exhausting and overwhelming.

Hospice Nurses: Admission Tips You Can Use Right Now

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If completing a hospice admission gives you cold sweats, you’ll want to check out these expert hospice admission tips. One of the most common frustrations hospice nurses have is related to how long it takes to complete hospice documentation.

7 Simple Ways to Get Organized for Hospice Nurses

Hospice Nurse Hero

Being a hospice nurse can leave you feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. If so, then you need these 7 simple ways to get organized for hospice nurses. Below, I’ll share the top 7 ways to get organized as a hospice nurse. How to Plan Ahead in Hospice.

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Crash Course in Hospice Nursing for ER and ICU Staff.

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With the sudden and continuing increase in COVID-19 patients in our world, there are many nurses that are finding themselves face to face with death, more than ever before. ICU Nurses and ER nurses are trained to help and care for patients with urgent and emergent needs, with the goal to have them walk out their hospital doors. Hospice Nurses would love to come into the hospitals and advocate for the dying patients.

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In the halls of Hulitar: An inpatient hospice nurse opens up


An inpatient hospice nurse opens up about his experiences at Hulitar Hospice Center, and what it means for patients and their families spending their final moments together. The post In the halls of Hulitar: An inpatient hospice nurse opens up appeared first on HopeHealth.

Hospice Nurses Hard at Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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There has been a lot of talk about the amazing, dedicating, and hard-working ER and ICU nursing teams during the COVID-19 health crisis in the United States. Through the media, we are hearing the stories of the ER and ICU nurses working long, sometimes double, shifts to provide care and compassion to all of those unfortunately affected by COVID-19, and the beautiful touching stories of holding patients hands when their family can not be at their side. Hospice

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7 Lessons Hospice Nursing Taught Me

Hospice Promise

Carol Gilmore (BSN, RN) shares several lessons she’s learned as a Hospice Nurse. Carol has been a nurse for over 40 years and loves everything about it. Being a Hospice Promise nurse has given her the opportunity to serve and help those in her community.

Sharing Meaningful Rituals with Hospice Nurse Pepper Cappuccio, Episode 107

The Heart of Hospice

Hospice nurse and author Pepper Cappuccio is talking with us about his book “Warm Water: The Last Act of Compassion”, and how he creates meaning for patients and their families in their last moments. Carl “Pepper” Cappuccio has been a nurse for over 15 years, and a hospice nurse for 10 years. According to his … Continue reading "Sharing Meaningful Rituals with Hospice Nurse Pepper Cappuccio, Episode 107".

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Hospice Nurse Julie is the New TikTok Phenomenon

The Heart of Hospice

Hospice Nurse Julie is our guest, talking about why her hospice videos have gone viral, and what she finds meaningful about working in end-of-life care. RN Julie McFadden started making the videos, never dreaming that four days later so many people … Continue reading "Hospice Nurse Julie is the New TikTok Phenomenon". The post Hospice Nurse Julie is the New TikTok Phenomenon appeared first on The Heart of Hospice

Foolproof Ways To Build Better Relationships With Nursing Homes

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Hospice care is delivered anywhere the patient calls home and for many elderly, this includes the nursing home. Learn how you can build better relationships with nursing homes while delivering quality hospice care. First and foremost, you are a guest in the nursing home!

Second Season Episode 27: A Conversation with Gabrielle Elise Jimenez- a hospice nurse, blogger & author

Hospice Chaplaincy

In today’s episode, Saul and Joe talk with Gabrielle Elise Jimenez a hospice nurse, blogger & author. Podcast death and dying Dr. Saul Ebema Hospice chaplaincy Saul EbemaIn her 40’s, Continue Reading.

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The Secret is Out: Hospice Recertification Made Easy!

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Sometimes hospice patients live longer than six months. When this happens, you’ll want to use these tips to document the hospice recertification with ease. However, did you know that only the hospice medical director can recertify your patient’s eligibility ? Hospice nurses


What You Need to Know to Build Trust Quickly with Patients

Hospice Nurse Hero

Have you ever wondered how some nurses seem to hit off with their patients right away? Honestly, I’ve always been amazed at how some nurses know exactly what to say when they walk into a patient’s room. For me, it was the charge nurse on my oncology unit. Hospice nurses Nursin

Top 5 Things You Need to Know About Interacting With A Dying Patient

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As a nurse, there are 5 things you need to know about interacting with a dying patient that can help. Secondly, as a nurse, you probably didn’t spend a lot of time learning about end-of-life conversations in nursing school. Nurses are humans too!

Hospice Documentation What You Need to Know

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Hospice documentation is tedious and time-consuming. I’ve outlined simple tips to help you master the fundamentals of hospice documentation. Why Hospice Documentation Matters. First, like all nurses, hospice nurses are required to document ALL patient care.

7 Proven Ways to Improve Your Hospice CAHPS Scores

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Have you ever wondered why there’s so much hype over hospice CAHPS scores? This form of hospice reporting was part of a mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA ) and became active in 2017. As a hospice nurse, you might not always understand how this relates to your work.

End-of-Life Care: Your Patient Has Died, Now What?

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As a nurse, when your patient dies, you might be thinking now what should I do? I was busy doing other tasks like the new nurse I was.). My charge nurse was also amazing. Where Hospice Patients Die. It happens folks, especially in the nursing home setting.

Hospice Nurse Stories. From Sun To Sun

Journey With Deanna

I spoke with Nina, longtime hopice nurse, last week about her book and this week's podcast is a glimpse into what makes her tick.In

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Providing Hospice Cares in a Facility during the COVID-19 Pandemic and Quarantine

Hospice 101

Dear Fellow Hospice RNs, It’s now, more than ever, that your hospice patients really need your kindness, your compassion, your caring nature, and your gentle demeanor. At a time we are being told to avoid others and limit our time with our patients, is a time that hospice nurses should really be increasing their frequency of weekly visits. Most of your hospice patients, if not all of your patients in facilities, are alone and separated from family members.

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How many of us, as nurses, have had the experience of speaking to an “enflamed” family member, and practiced all our communication skills to bring calm and rational judgment into play?

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Professional Boundaries in Nursing: Are You Crossing the Line?

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Nurses provide emotional, physical, and psychological care to patients every day. However, these interactions put them at risk for crossing the lines of professional boundaries in nursing. Also, it’s not uncommon to hear patients refer to their hospice nurses as “family.”

Nurses: Top 5 Things To STOP Doing At Work Right Now

Hospice Nurse Hero

Like most nurses, you’ve probably set some goals for yourself and have some plans for getting there. However, once I made the decision to own my career and nursing license, it became a lot easier to create the career and life of my dreams! In my opinion, nursing never gets easier.

Ready to Quit Your Nursing Job? How to Tell It’s Time to Leave.

Hospice Nurse Hero

Ready to quit your nursing job? Now more than ever, nurses are taking a stand against, unsafe patient-to-staff ratios, mandatory overtime, and rejected time off requests. Let’s face it, becoming a nurse is hard work. In hospice, this can impact everyone on the team.

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BAYADA, Manatee Health System Launch Home-Based Care Joint Venture

Hospice News

New Jersey-based BAYADA provides home-based hospice, nursing, rehabilitative, therapeutic and assistive care services to adult and pediatric patients. The post BAYADA, Manatee Health System Launch Home-Based Care Joint Venture appeared first on Hospice News.

Hospices Develop Nurse Residencies to Stem Labor Pressures

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As hospice providers contend with industry-wide nursing shortages, some are taking matters into their own hands with in-house residency programs. A lack of hospice-specific clinical training is a significant recruitment barrier.

The Art of Servicing Others: Celebrating Hospice Social Workers.

Hospice 101

I wanted to take a moment to especially recognize and honor a specific group of Social Workers that make an enormous difference in the end-of-life journey: Our Hospice Social Workers! Hospice Social Workers Make a Difference. Hospice Social Workers use all of the above qualities to guide patients and their loved ones gracefully and respectfully through the end of life. Hospice compassion dali lama End of Life social social worker

To Marry the Love of My Life

The Bucket-List Blog

This summer, in the middle of a pandemic and while my soon-to-be husband was receiving hospice care, I married the love of my life. I’ve been his caregiver since November 2019, when Hospice Care Plus started caring for him in our home. A Letter from Ann.

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Comfort Care Homes Build Bridges to Hospice for Underserved Patients

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For terminally ill patients who lack secure housing or loved ones to care for them, hospice is typically not an option. These are generally nonprofit residential facilities that will give patients a place to stay while they receive hospice care.

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Frontline Honors: Richard Honzel, Angels Grace Hospice, LCC

Hospice News

Richard Honzel, Hospice Admission Nurse for Angels Grace Hospice, LLC, has been named a 2022 Frontline Honors honoree by Hospice News. Hospice News caught up with Honzel to discuss their time in the hospice care industry.

The Heart of Hospice Volunteers

Hospice 101

“Many of our hospice volunteers don’t even realize the impact they have on the lives they touch”. And then, there are the hospice volunteers. Although ALL volunteers are special and truly appreciated, due to my line of work as a Hospice Nurse, I find that Hospice Volunteers are VERY special individuals. Working in the field of hospice is not an easy task, emotionally. What can you, as the Hospice Nurse/Team Member, do to show your appreciation?

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CMS: Hospice Recertification Via Telehealth Ends With COVID PHE

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Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has reiterated that the agency will not allow hospices to recertify patients after the COVID-19 public health emergency expires. . The post CMS: Hospice Recertification Via Telehealth Ends With COVID PHE appeared first on Hospice News.

The Labor Market Strains Hospice Care


It recently became 15% harder to access hospice care. It’s Now Harder to Find a Hospice that Will Take Your Family Member. Hospice Faces a Nursing Shortage. Hospice agencies must hire from a given pool of people with the right degrees and credentials, especially nurses.

Hospice Case Manager Workloads Correlate With Longer Stays, Profitability

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Careful management of hospice care manager workloads correlates with longer lengths of stay. For many patients length of stay is a week or less, which is too short for them to receive the full benefit of hospice care.

How to Start a Conversation with your Hospice Patient About Their Military Service

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Memorial Day is also a good reminder for hospice team members to take the time to listen to, and allow, your patients to share their military service experiences, as a part of their life review. But, many caregivers and hospice providers are hesitant about reaching out to veterans about their military service because they are either not sure what they should ask, or they are afraid they might ask the wrong question and make the veteran feel uncomfortable.

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Adventist Health Expands Hospice Footprint, Services in California

Hospice News

Adventist Health has expanded its hospice services in Mendocino Country, California, both in terms of geography and its scope of services. In addition to this growth, the hospice provider now provides the full range of interdisciplinary care. Hospice utilization reached 46.1%

Can a Hospice Patient Go to the Emergency Room or Hospital?

Shining Light Hospice

The decision to choose Hospice can come with a host of questions and concerns. One such question is “Can a Hospice Patient go to the Emergency Room or Hospital?”. Three Reasons A Hospice Patient May Go To The ER Or Hospital. Illness Or Injury Unrelated To The Hospice Diagnosis.

Medicare Gives Hospice a Larger Pay Raise than Expected, but Less than Needed


On July 27, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a final rule giving hospice a 3.8% This increases both the rate hospices will be paid for services and the cap on total reimbursement. Not every hospice agency will enjoy all of the 3.8% Nursing Economics.

Congress Calls for Federal Investigation of Nurse Staffing Agencies


With the current pandemic causing healthcare labor shortages that are compounded by a general nursing shortage, hospice agencies in every corner of the nation have increasingly relied on nurse staffing agencies. Staffing Challenges in Hospice. The list includes hospice.

Voices: Kristy Fisher, Director of Nursing and Clinical Operations at CareXM

Hospice News

In this Voices interview, Hospice News sits down with Kristy Fisher, Director of Nursing and Clinical Operations at CareXM, to learn how hospice providers are doing more with less in an effort to add time back into nurses’ days so they can focus on patients.

Celebrating the Dedicated Work of Hospice Home Health Aides

Hospice 101

Hospice CNAs (who are known in the hospice world as HHAs or Home Health Aides) are incredibly special individuals and members of the hospice team who provide gentle, compassionate, end-of-life cares for hospice patients. June 18-24, 2020 is the week we celebrate Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs). This week, in the field of Hospice, we honor and celebrate our amazing Hospice CNAs (HHAs)! For More Hospice Blogs from this Author, Click Here.

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