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CMMI Working on Payment Models That Include Palliative Care

Hospice News

31, 2021, according to a new CMMI white paper. “Aspects of MCCM are being used in the development of new CMS Innovation Center models related to palliative care,” the center indicated in the white paper. MCCM was designed to test the impact of concurrent hospice and curative care. To date, the U.S.

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EAPC4All EU4Health Project

EAPC (European Association of Palliative Care)

Working with our members through our EAPC group structure to deliver resources that add value to the palliative care community , for example webinars, research publications, White Papers, policy documents and tools for practice and by working as a trusted partner organisation on EU funded research projects.


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Episode 21 - Magical, Mystical, Mischievous Methadone

Palliative Care Chat Podcast

Three authors of the wonderful new article “Safe and Appropriate Use of Methadone in Hospice and Palliative Care: Expert Consensus White Paper” published in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management discuss the impetus for the paper, and provide a summary of recommendations.

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Palliative Care Needs a Defined Scope to Expand Access, Reimbursement

Hospice News

Designed to test the impact of concurrent hospice and curative care, aspects of MCCM are being used in the development of new CMS Innovation Center models related to palliative care, CMMI indicated in a recent white paper.

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Transforming Healthcare and Higher Education with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Evidence-Based Nursing - BMJ blogs

The UK governments’ White Paper on AI regulation, accentuated a pro-innovation stance 2. The strategy’s foundation rests on three pillars: investment in the long-term requirements of the AI ecosystem, ensuring widespread AI benefits across sectors and regions, and establishing effective AI governance.

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How to Engage and Retain Nursing Students with a Winning Nurture Email

Daily Nurse

For example, in the beginning awareness stage, you can help students by providing information via blogs, white papers, webinars, or e-books. From awareness to consideration to purchase, you want to send them the right content at the right time.

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Nursing Associations Offer Professional and Personal Growth

Minority Nurse

As a result, I authored a white paper that established the first Specialty Leader in Ambulatory Care Nursing for the Navy Nurse Corps. Nurses also know the opportunities they find through an association membership are often the kind they would not have found any other way. “

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