Feeding Your Nursing Career

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Are you willing to feed your career as well as you feed your own body? How do you choose to optimize the nutrition that you feed to your body every day? Pay attention to what you're feeding your nursing career.

Challenges With Feeding Elderly Patients

Hope Hospice

Feeding elderly patients can sometimes be challenging. Let’s review some best practices for feeding elderly patients. This might mean feeding young children in the home at a different time or location, so that you avoid distractions and too much noise.


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10 Strategies for Feeding the Nurse's Inner Life

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In managing their careers and busy lives, nurses can be very focused on the "outer" aspects of life and work: family, chores, shopping, resumes, job-hunting, pursuing education, social media, etc. But how do we keep the nurse's inner life fed and watered?

What You Need to Know About Comfort Feedings, Heartbeat Episode 296

The Heart of Hospice

We’re talking about comfort feedings today, how they work and the benefits they hold for hospice patients and their caregivers. Comfort feeding, (also pleasure feeding, is the practice of feeding the patient only what the patient likes and wants. It’s more about enhancing quality of life for the … Continue reading "What You Need to Know About Comfort Feedings, Heartbeat Episode 296".

This can help when a loved one won’t eat or drink at end of life


Caregiving Dementia & Alzheimer's Care HopeHealth Blog Hospice Care dementia end of life feeding tube hospice nutrition tube feedingHere's what you should know when your loved one no longer wants to eat or drink while receiving hospice care.

How To Donate Your Time and Effort to Charity

Caregiver Support Services

Feed the Hungry. Feeding the hungry is always on the menu. Being charitable is one thing but donating your time and skills to help make things better is on another level.

Enteral feeding in Motor Neurone Disease/Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: Patients’ perspectives and impact on quality of life

SAGE Palliative Medicine & Chronic Care podcast

This episode features Suresh Kumar Chhetri (Preston MND Care and Research Centre, Department of Neurology, Royal Preston Hospital, Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, Preston, UK) who describes a study which aimed to explore patients' experience of enteral feeding and its impact on quality of life. The study was a questionnaire based prospective analysis of 21 MND patients receiving enteral feeding followed at 3, 6 an 12 months post gastrostomy.

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Home Healthcare Services Aren’t Just for the Elderly

Interim HealthCare Inc.

Is it an elderly person sitting in a wheelchair while someone feeds and bathes them? What comes to mind when you think of home healthcare? If that’s where your mind went, you’re not alone

Nutrition at End of Life

Changing Lives Podcast

Human nature compels us to nurture our loved ones in many ways, feeding being one method - however it is important to recognize that nutrition at the end-of-life is much different than how people eat prior to illness.

The Continuum of Nurse Career Growth

Minority Nurse

Yet, at the same time, it can also feed our sense of pride and purpose—and, perhaps, aspirations for more. But we can also consider how work doesn’t just pay the bills and put food on the table but also how it feeds us on the inside.

Difference Between Private Duty Care & Medicare Home Care

Comforcare Home Care

bath 3x a week Private Duty Up to 24 hr.care bathing, dressing, incontinent care, prepare food, feeding, transfers, walking, fall prevention, Alzheimer's/dementia care, chronic disease management, errands, medication management, companionship.

Future Leaders Class of 2022: Shradha Aiyer, Vice President, Axxess

Hospice News

They have so many more insights using technology from telehealth and telemedicine that’s feeding into that mobile device, which is so powerful for them. Shradha Aiyer, vice president of products at Axxess, has been named a 2022 Future Leader by Hospice News.

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Celebrating Neonatal Nurses Work This Week

Minority Nurse

They are also there to help support parents if they can feed babies on their own or even develop special feeding times if additional feeding support is being used.

Understanding the Variability in Care of Nursing Home Residents with Advanced Dementia


For a deeper dive, check out some of these other studies and resources we talked about in the podcast: The Influence of Nursing Home Culture on the Use of Feeding Tubes. The Lived Experience of Providing Feeding Assistance to a Family Member with Dementia. Of intensively hand feeding?

Choice Health CEO Jackson: Instant Care Deal an Extraordinary Opportunity in Non-Medical Home Care

Hospice News

Its supportive services include assistance with daily activities, housekeeping, meal preparation, feeding and transportation. Texas-based Choice Health at Home’s recent purchase of Instant Care of Arizona is bursting with long-term growth potential.

Hospice Nurses: Admission Tips You Can Use Right Now

Hospice Nurse Hero

Foleys/Tubes -Does the patient have any tubes such as feeding tubes, CADD pumps, or Foley catheters. If the patient is on tube feedings, you will want to verify that they have feeding supplies available. They told the family that the hospice would supply the tube feedings.

Some Families May Not Access Hospice Without Caregiver Support

Hospice News

The program includes training in medical caregiving aspects such as oxygen application, tube feeding, tracheostomy care and nonmedical needs such meal preparation, bathing, housekeeping and incontinence care.

Saving the Farm

Elaine Mansfield

She canned to feed the family in winter and arranged the jars on the shelves in a rainbow of color, red tomatoes next to blushing apricots, pale pear next to yellow beets. In July 1972, they moved with their baby boy to a crumbling farmhouse on a dirt road and immediately got to work.

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The Secret is Out: Hospice Recertification Made Easy!

Hospice Nurse Hero

For example, if your patient was eating 50% upon admission and able to feed themselves, and now they require assistance with feeding and are only eating 25%, you should state it in detail. This post may contain affiliate links.


Addus Sees Reciprocal Gains Across 3 Home-Based Care Services

Hospice News

In turn, the personal care segment can feed referrals to home health and ultimately hospice when appropriate. . Addus HomeCare (NASDAQ: ADUS) has gone all-in on building out its care continuum.

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Hospice, Dementia, and Quality of Life. Now We Know.


These factors revolve around symptom control at home while suspending taxing medical procedures such as ICU stays, feeding tubes, and chemo. In 1983, Medicare first designed the hospice benefit around the needs of people with cancer.

The Continuum of Nurse Career Growth

Nurse Keith's Digital Doorway

Especially at a young age, prior to professional training or advanced education, work is often a utilitarian exercise, while it can also feed our sense of pride and purpose and, perhaps, aspirations for more.

Diet Considerations During Palliative Care

Hospice of the North Coast

Force-feeding those who have lost their appetites and thirst may cause distress, even if it is well-intentioned by family or caregivers who feel compelled to get food into the patient. Wondering how to meet the unique foodservice needs of your loved one during palliative care?

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Palace of Care – Heart Follows Mind


In China, he would be having lots of intravenous fluids, and other treatments such as tube feeding.”. Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash. Her brain had no trouble accepting what was happening but her emotional heart took longer. The love of her life for over 45 years of marriage was dying.

How to Help a Pet Who Has Lost ‘Their Person’


If possible, he says you can bring the pet’s dish to the new home and continue feeding and other activities on the same schedule as before. After the death of Queen Elizabeth II, animal lovers worried about the state of her beloved corgis.

“I’m Going to Match!” A Tale of Nurses, Mentoring, and a Lifetime Bond

Minority Nurse

They feed us, and I think we need to value them more and recognize their worth, and they should be treated with dignity and given the same benefits that sometimes we take for granted. Mother Teresa said, ‘If you can’t feed 100 people, then feed just one,’” she says. “I’m

I think therefore I am? – When in Rome


With the approval of the next of kin, a feeding tube was inserted through her abdominal wall into her stomach. Photo by Zheka Boychenko on Unsplash. People come from many different places each with its own culture.

Budget Bites

Chicago Caregiving

Leave out enough for that week, and freeze the rest in portion sizes so you have it for the future,” says Kim Blum, who works with many seniors on their diets as a registered dietitian at FEED Nutrition Consulting.

Virtual Legislative Home Visit Shows the Power of Keeping Families Together

Hearts for Home Care

and she now is now bed-bound and paralyzed, relying on high-quality nursing care to receive her nutrition through a feeding tube and to maintain her breathing through a tracheostomy and a ventilator. North Carolina residents Anita and Norman Sutton have been married now for more than 30 years.

What Legal Documents Should Seniors Have?

Always Best Care Senior Services

Some documents to help include: Advanced Directive: This document outlines what type of care the person wants to receive , including ventilators, feeding tubes, or resuscitation. Aging is a natural part of life, and there comes a time when seniors require more help.

Nursing Home Mealtimes With Dementia

Hospice and Nursing Homes Blog

Petra was not a very independent eater, but I knew she was physically capable of feeding herself by any means necessary. All the nurse aides were occupied feeding residents at other tables and experiencing their own mealtime problems. "Food? What food?"

The Importance of Creating an Advance Directive

Always Best Care Senior Services

A living will is a document that outlines your wishes when it comes to life support, resuscitation, ventilators, dialysis, feeding tubes, or comfort care. Whether you want artificial nutrition (feeding tube) or hydration (IV).

Your Nursing Career Mitochondria

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A nursing career needs a great deal of feeding and watering; there are so many moving parts, and there's a lot to do in order to keep them all happy and flourishing.

High Peaks Hospice Observes National Healthcare Decisions Day By Sharing the FIVE WISHES.

High Peaks Hospice

no feeding tube, but open to antibiotics) and your Health Care Proxy names the person who will follow those wishes and make decisions. National Healthcare Decisions Day, observed annually on April 16th, is aimed at increasing the number of Americans who have completed an advance directive.

Payers to CMMI: We Need a Standardized Definition for Palliative Care

Hospice News

This is somebody who can help with being the eyes and ears in the home — delivering activities of daily living, supporting people who are really unable to do basic things like bathing, dressing or feeding.

Fall Prevention

Hope Hospice

You might also like: Assisting With Personal Hygiene > Seniors and Hot-Weather Safety > Challenges With Feeding Elderly Patients > The post Fall Prevention appeared first on Hope Hospice and Health Services.

Holding Onto the Heart of Hospice While Embracing Standardized Quality Outcomes

Home Care Pulse

The answer to that question determined whether the beer went down the feeding tube or was a savor and spit process. Sunday dinners involved feeding four generations. Article Contents: – Introduction. – Hospice experiences: Meeting You Where You Are.

A Child’s Awareness of the Secrets of Death

Elaine Mansfield

My grandpa who let me bottle feed abandoned lambs and cranked homemade peach ice cream in August. At Grandpa’s funeral, 1954. Daddy was sad and quiet. Mommy cleared her throat and dabbed her eyes with a tissue. Uncle Jim and Aunt Martha arrived without my cousins.

Dementia and Nutrition

Chicago Caregiving

Self-feeding skills may decline over time, including hand/eye coordination and the ability to use utensils. 9 tips to keep your loved one eating well with dementia. When you think about side effects of dementia, eating probably isn’t one of the first issues to come to mind.

Dementia and Nutrition Concerns

Hope Hospice

Challenges With Feeding Elderly Patients. People living with dementia generally do not need to follow a special diet, unless they have co-morbidities or allergies that have certain requirements.

Hospice Nurses Take a Holistic Approach to Dementia Care


This ensures that the family and the care team honor the patient’s wishes like determining do not resuscitate (DNR) status, using ventilator support, and providing enteral feedings.

Palace of Care – Sat Sri Akal


Can I feed them, they haven’t eaten since yesterday.”. Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash. I prepared to see our patient and their spouse. They had been doing well until the past week. Then the weakness and fatigue worsened. They didn’t have the strength to leave the bed.

Vulnerable South Carolinians Are at High-Risk of Losing Their Home Care Services

Hearts for Home Care

Bathing, feeding, getting dressed. There are 36,087 medically fragile South Carolina Residents who depend on home care services to live independent, healthy lives in the comfort of their homes.