June, 2022

The Case for Integrating Social Determinants Into Palliative Care

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Individually, palliative care and social determinants programs both have the potential to improve quality of life and reduce costs — but that potential may be greater when the two are combined.

Five Lessons I Learned from Dad on Our Last Journey Together

Sustainable Caregiving

Dad, a teacher by profession and a lifelong learner, was always there to offer advice and support throughout my upbringing. … Five Lessons I Learned from Dad on Our Last Journey Together Read More ».


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We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home. Don’t Miss the Chance to Talk About It!

Caregiver Warrior

Get to know the people who help you care for your loved ones. Connecting through our stories brings us all closer. The post We Are All Just Walking Each Other Home. Don’t Miss the Chance to Talk About It! appeared first on Caregiver Warrior.

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Gray is a Color of the Rainbow

Aging Life Care Association

This Pride Month, Aging Life Care Professionals across the country join in celebrating and honoring LGBTQ+ elders. Included in this celebration is understanding the unique needs of LGBTQ+ elders and creating care plans that support and enhance their individual lifestyles.

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Writing in bars

Hospice Volunteering

Hello to my readers and followers! It’s been a long time since I posted here! I wanted to share my latest publication, which has very little to do with hospice volunteering (except that I sometimes wrote in bars about my experiences at hospice!) I hope it gives you a few laughs!

How to be a compassionate, LGBTQ-inclusive PSW/nurse/professional in palliative care

Life & Death Matters

Moving a loved one to a long-term care (LTC) facility can be stressful and difficult for all involved. Family may struggle to acknowledge they can no longer meet the person’s care needs, and that the person’s health will continue to decline.

U.S. Senators Call on CMS to Boost Palliative Care Resources

Hospice News

A bipartisan group of nine U.S. Senators have written to U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure, calling for a payment model demonstration designed to support greater access to palliative care.

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What Bluebirds Teach Me About Not Giving Up

Elaine Mansfield

Dear Bluebird Mama, Earlier this week, I saw you carrying dried grasses inside a nesting box while your mate flew from barn peak to birdhouse perch to crimson maple tree. I watched from inside through Vic’s astronomy telescope.

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I think therefore I am? – If You Had A Choice


Photo by Vladislav Babienko on Unsplash. At a palliative care conference years ago the audience was asked to choose between two options. Would you rather die instantly without warning or would you rather know about it and die more gradually?

Managing Urinary Symptoms and UTI’s in Older Adults


Summary Transcript Summary. There are a lot of old myths out there about managing urinary tract symptoms and UTI’s in older adults. For example, we once thought that the lower urinary tract was sterile, but we now know it has its own microbiome, which may even provide protection against infections.


Healthy Summer Recipe Ideas for Seniors

Accessible Home Health Care

Summer is here! Longer summer days inspire people to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Picnics and cookouts are popular ways to celebrate and connect with family and friends. Many summer foods and treats are tasty, nutritionally dense, and can help ward off the heat.

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The Rise of Tech-Enabled Grief Care

Hospice News

A proliferating number of startups is developing tech solutions and services to support bereaved families, employing a range of business models — including partnerships with hospices. This budding industry includes a number of rapidly expanding companies of varying size and scale.

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New Grad Residency Program Takes Nurses From Books to Bedside

Daily Nurse

Few, if any, new nurse graduates walk onto a hospital unit on their first day brimming with confidence, much less clinical expertise. Thus, new grad residency programs help transition nurses from the world of textbooks to the realities of the bedside.

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MEDICAID ALERT: New Medicaid Community Care Look Back Rules Start October 1, 2022

Elder Care Matters

New Medicaid Look Back Rules If this sounds familiar, you’re right—recent years have seen many extensions of rules regarding Medicaid. But for New Yorkers, this most recent change to Medicaid Community Based Care is a result of a New York State’s 2022-2023 budget and not the pandemic.

Strategies To Make Sure You Don’t Hire a Bully

Healthy Workforce Institute

With the Great Resignation still upon us, it’s easy to understand why healthcare organizations are making hiring and retaining their existing staff their number one priority, while culture is once again placed on the back burner.

Most Common Shoulder Injuries in Seniors | Caring Senior Service

Caring Senior Service

Shoulder pain in the elderly is fairly common. As we age, our joints can become stiff, inflamed, and painful due to the wear and tear of everyday life. However, there are specific shoulder conditions and injuries can cause severe shoulder pain.

Nurse Mentorships and How They Can Benefit You


Whether you’re a new nurse, a nurse transitioning to a specialty area, or a knowledgeable nurse seeking to share your wisdom, nurse mentorships are invaluable for both mentors and mentees. When thinking about nurse mentorships, many may consider this term synonymous with preceptorship.

Health Care Orgs Face Liability If End-of-Life Wishes Not Upheld

Hospice News

One of the defining principles of hospice care is honoring the wishes of terminally ill patients. Now, with increasing frequency, a health care provider’s failure to honor those directives can lead to litigation or penalties by regulators.

Nurse of the Week: Former ALC Student Turned Nurse Leader Elizabeth Anh-Trinh Stulac

Daily Nurse

Nurse of the Week Elizabeth Anh-Trinh Stulac, RN/BSN is an established nurse leader working toward a Ph.D., but she remembers where she came from.

Morrisons raise £1 million for Together for Short Lives

Together for Short Lives

We’re delighted to announce that our corporate partnership with supermarket giant Morrisons has already raised £1 million for Together for Short Lives and families up and down the UK caring for a seriously ill child.

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Communication and Caregiving

Hope Hospice

Communication and caregiving go hand-in-hand. When you talk to the person you are assisting, do they understand you? And do you understand them? When you care for a person who has hearing loss, it’s easy to mistake them for being uninterested or even cognitively slow.

We’re Hiring a Part-Time RPN

Changing Lives Podcast

Hospice Quinte is hiring a part-time RPN for the Stan Klemencic Care Centre. Hours will be part-time for 6 months and then transition to casual.

The Future of Telehealth and Nursing


There’s no question about it — telehealth is quickly becoming an industry standard rather than an added option. Medical institutions across the country are discovering the array of benefits telehealth nursing provides and are incorporating the practice into their operations as quickly as possible.

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Hospices Pay a High Price For Physician Burnout

Hospice News

Physician burnout costs hospices — both literally and figuratively — whether it occurs among their own medical staff or with their referral partners. One of the most damaging effects is higher turnover.

What Role Does Empathy Play in Nursing?

Daily Nurse

Empathy is defined as the ability to understand and vicariously experience the feelings of another person. It’s a skill that allows you to step into the shoes of patients and fully recognize their needs. In the field of healthcare, your ability to employ empathy can mean life or death for patients.

Nurse-Midwives Train Doulas to Reduce Black Maternal Health Risks

Minority Nurse

Nurse-midwives and educators from three prominent research universities have teamed up to improve pregnancy outcomes in Black communities by providing specialized training for doulas, persons who support birthing mothers and families through the entire process of childbirth.

Fall Prevention

Hope Hospice

Fall prevention is an important topic for caregivers of elderly individuals. Falls are dangerous at any age, but older people are especially prone to injuries for a few reasons. As we age, our bones become less dense, which means a break is more likely to result from a fall.

How infusion providers can create effective and fair scheduling for nurses with the right software system


Infusion nurses -- a specialty most certainly on the rise -- are not only health-care professionals but serve as educators and resources to the clients they see on a regular basis.

Addressing Workplace Violence in Nursing


Many people are surprised to learn how often workplace violence in nursing occurs. Several factors increase a nurse’s risk of facing workplace violence, including directly dealing with patients who have a history of violence or who may be delirious or under the influence of drugs.

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Rural Providers Weigh Telehealth Investment Against Regulatory Uncertainty

Hospice News

Hospices are leveraging expanded telehealth options to maximize access for hard-to-reach rural patients despite lingering regulatory uncertainties.

What Degrees Will You Need to Reach Your Nursing Career Goals?

Daily Nurse

Nursing has always been an essential, trusted and well-respected career. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and many nurses seeking retirement, nursing education have become an even more critical part of the healthcare system to train new nurses to fulfill this urgent gap in the healthcare system.

Safe Senior-Friendly Activities for Summer

Community Home Health Care

The days are longer and brighter, as luscious lawns and trees in full bloom color beckon us to fill our extended afternoons with outdoor activities and relaxation.

Assistive Technology Can Be Your Ally While Aging In Place

Euro-American Connections & Homecare

Technology has come a long way when it comes to assistive tech. Nowadays, there are safe and affordable tools that can assist with your aging loved one’s safety while they age in place. These tools can be a great solution and are easier to implement, requiring no permanent changes to the home.

What to Expect from Cataract Surgery | Caring Senior Service

Caring Senior Service

About 4 million Americans undergo cataract surgery each year. And most of these surgeries are performed on seniors. This surgery helps improve vision by removing cataracts that form in the eye. As you or a loved one prepares for this type of surgery, it’s helpful to know what to expect.

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Create a Home Care Website that Generates More Calls

Corecubed Care Marketing Solutions

Whether you’re in need of your first-ever home care website or your existing one needs to be retired, these strategies will help you achieve your ultimate goal: attract new clients and caregivers and encourage them to start a conversation with your home care company.

Supreme Court May Weigh In on Hospice FCA Cases

Hospice News

The U.S. Supreme Court may take up a False Claims Act (FCA) case involving Georgia-Based Bethany Hospice & Palliative Care LLC, despite indications from the U.S. Justice Department that such a review would be unnecessary.

Nurse of the Week: ONC/DJ Paulina Andujo Can Help Anyone Shake Their Groove Thang

Daily Nurse

Behind the contagious smile of Nurse of the Week Paulina Andujo BSN, RN, ONC lies not only a compassionate caregiver but also a unique talent. “I I DJ on the side; it’s my creative outlet,” the orthopaedic nurse says. “It’s It’s my therapy.”