Thu.Nov 16, 2023

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Breaking Down Costs, ROIs of Hospice-Death Doula Partnerships

Hospice News

Some hospices that have layered end-of-life doulas (EOLDs) into their workforce are seeing a return on these investments in various forms – including quality outcomes, retention and care continuity. Among the largest benefits of investing in doula workers is that these professionals can help hospices address unmet needs among terminally ill patients and their families, according to Goodwin Hospice CEO Beth Klint.

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NP Designation Helps Nurses Shape Their Careers with More Choices

Minority Nurse

Earning an advanced degree offers nurses immediate career benefits, including skills and knowledge they’ll apply to their work long before graduation. But advanced degrees, including the designation as a nurse practitioner (NP), also offer study nuances that propel careers forward and present opportunities that weren’t available before. Nurses who pursue an NP with a master’s of nursing degree find, in particular, that the additional credential offers a level of autonomy leadin

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Adult, PACE, Palliative Centers Unveiled Amid Hospice Closures

Hospice News

Empath’s New Adult Day Center Empath LIFE has opened a new adult day center in Tampa, Florida, which will also provide caregiver education and respite services, among others. The LIFE program is a member of Florida-based nonprofit post-acute care provider Empath Health. Services at the program’s new facility include adult day services, primary and skilled care, therapies and social and emotional support.

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The Nurse Martyr Helps No One

Daily Nurse

Recently, on LinkedIn, a heartfelt nurse colleague wrote that a nurse had posted something so painfully wrong-headed that she just had to respond. The nurse had written that nursing is not a career; it’s a calling and that any nurse who leaves the bedside is committing murder against patients. This shocking statement belies a sentiment that all too many nurses walk the earth feeling: that they must sacrifice everything for patients, even their health and peace of mind.

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The Ultimate Guide to Improving Caregiver Engagement & Retention

Want to learn how to retain your caregivers & improve caregiver retention X3? The home care industry is experiencing turnover rates of over 80%. How are you ensuring your agency is retaining caregivers? This FREE eBook from Smartcare Software is packed with industry secrets needed to keep your caregivers happy, engaged, and retained, unlocking the full potential of your agency.

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Medicare Making Fewer Improper Payments to Hospices

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Medicare fee-for-service programs made $31.23 billion in improper payments during 2023, though a smaller proportion of those dollars went to hospices than in years prior. Hospices received nearly 5.4% of improper payments from Medicare in 2023, down from 12% in 2022, according to a new report from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS).

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Healing Harmonies: Music's Role in Soothing Dementia Agitation

American In-Home Care

The power of music on our moods is monumental. Just think about how it makes you feel to hear a marching band play patriotic songs during a parade. Now compare that to how you feel listening to the song you danced to with your spouse on your wedding day. It stands to reason that incorporating music into caring for a loved one can also have profound effects.

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5 medication management tips for seniors

Living Assistance Services

Seniors often have a variety of prescription medications to manage throughout the week—a task that can be difficult for anyone and is.

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Nursing Tip of the Day! - Fundamentals

Nurse Nacole

Category: Fundamentals The nasopharyngeal airway may cause epistaxis and may be dangerous in patients with facial and basilar skull fractures. Semiconscious patients with nasopharyngeal airways may deteriorate and require intubation.

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Mary and Snowball: A Little Dog Makes a Big Difference

When I became an RN 25 years ago, I decided that caring for the elderly was where I would learn not only how to truly be a nurse. but how to care for the most fragile, and I was right. I was working as a weekend nurse at a long-term care facility on an intermediate care floor when I learned a new resident had moved in and she would need a little extra TLC.

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Soaring — or Sinking? — Sodium

Chicago Caregiving

Out-of-whack sodium levels — whether too high or too low — can throw off many health functions, from balance to cognition. It’s hard to miss the warnings about high sodium. Health magazines rail against it in processed food, and restaurants routinely provide reduced-sodium soy sauces. But low sodium levels can be a problem, too — an issue that’s tougher to spot and harder to treat.

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The Role of Exercise in Diabetic Senior Care

Accessible Home Health Care

For individuals diagnosed with diabetes, managing care can involve quite a few things to remember. As we age, these things become even more vital to our continued successful health maintenance. The most important aspect of our health management that we should always adhere to is exercise. No matter our age, being able to engage in physical and cardiovascular activities ensures that our diabetes remains manageable.

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New EAPC Task Force: Care for the Dying

EAPC (European Association of Palliative Care)

We are delighted to announce our newest EAPC Task Force. In collaboration with the International Collaborative for Best Care for the Dying Person, the EAPC Task Force on Care for the Dying is committed to acting as a catalyst for change in this important area, advocating for improved end-of-life care across Europe and beyond through its delivery of research, quality improvement and education activities.

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Alesha Dixon named as Ambassador for Together for Short Lives

Together for Short Lives

We are so excited to announce that Alesha Dixon, singer-songwriter, author and TV personality, is our new Ambassador. We first met Alesha back in 2016, and since then she has already made a huge difference to the families of seriously ill children we support, through both our work with the UK’s 54 children’s hospices and […] The post Alesha Dixon named as Ambassador for Together for Short Lives appeared first on Together for Short Lives.

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