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Caregiver Self-Care: How to Release Worries and Stress Less

Sustainable Caregiving

A sign of caregiver stress is not being able to escape the worries. Worries flow through our caregiver river, creating unexpected waterfalls and intense rapids that sweep us away. Caregiving worries keep us up at night, disrupt our day, and wreak havoc with our well-being. The 12th Sustainable Caregiving Strategy that supports caregiver self-care is … Caregiver Self-Care: How to Release Worries and Stress Less Read More » The post Caregiver Self-Care: How to Release Worries and Stress Less

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Nursing Tip of the Day! - Fundamentals

Nurse Nacole

Category: Fundamentals A narrowed pulse pressure (≤20 mm Hg) may be a manifestation of hypovolemia, increased peripheral vascular resistance, or decreased stroke volume. A narrowed pulse pressure is classically noted in aortic stenosis and pericardial tamponade.

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Tender Loving Care: 5 Tips to Find the Perfect Care Home for Your Aging Parent

Caregiver Support Services

Although, aging is a gradual process there are instances where your parent might feel healthy one moment only to experience a decline or in just a matter of a few days. Depending on your parent’s condition, their preferences, and medical condition, you may not be able to provide care long-term. This is why care homes are essential— they provide the right type of care based on your parent’s needs.

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Palace of Care – Still my favourite thing


After almost 24 years of being a doctor my favourite part of the job remains interacting with the patients and their families. It’s true in hospice we have many serious conversations about topics that don’t get more serious than death and dying. I think there is still a place for light-heartedness and whimsy during the inpatient ward round.

Hospice 52
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Best Practices for Sharing Protected Health Information (PHI)

Explore essential topics in this ebook, including what constitutes PHI and how to identify it using 18 indicators. Gain insights into the importance of safeguarding PHI to protect patient privacy and learn about the severe consequences of HIPAA violations. Discover practical strategies for securely exchanging PHI within your healthcare organization, including assessing risks and implementing effective safeguards.