Sun.Nov 19, 2023

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Transforming Healthcare and Higher Education with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Evidence-Based Nursing - BMJ blogs

This blog comes from Alwin Puthenpurakal, an experienced senior lecturer and researcher working at The University of Greenwich. @AlwinP13 @UniofGreenwich In September 2021, the UK’s Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport (DCMS) unveiled the inaugural Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy, charting a 10-year course to position the UK as a “global AI superpower” 1.

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Special Turkey Day Wisdom

Today's Caregiver

Let the in-laws share in the cooking details, let your sister have dinner at her place, heck, even order in or go out to a restaurant. Here is a list of principals to ensure a guilt-free holiday.


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Nursing Tip of the Day! - Fundamentals

Nurse Nacole

Category: Fundamentals The goals of cardiopulmonary resuscitation are to restore energy to the heart so it can resume normal function and ensure adequate energy supply to the brain during resuscitation. Oxygen is vital to these goals.

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Medicare to Reimburse for System Navigation and Caregiving Training

The Caregiving Years Training Academy

For the first time, Medicare will reimburse services from peer support specialists and Community Health Workers. Earlier this month, Medicare released its final rule for services covered through Medicare Part B beginning January 1, 2024. The rule includes two new services: Caregiver training, which has received the most attention. (Read “ Medicare Proposal Would Cover Training for Family Caregivers ” from July.

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Best Practices for Sharing Protected Health Information (PHI)

Explore essential topics in this ebook, including what constitutes PHI and how to identify it using 18 indicators. Gain insights into the importance of safeguarding PHI to protect patient privacy and learn about the severe consequences of HIPAA violations. Discover practical strategies for securely exchanging PHI within your healthcare organization, including assessing risks and implementing effective safeguards.

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Managing Diabetes: Tips and Resources for Seniors During National Diabetes Month

Comfort Home Care

November is National Diabetes Month. It is a time to shed light on a disease affecting millions. Comfort Home Care in Rockville, MD, has been serving clients with diabetes since 1999. We share tips below that will help you and your senior loved one manage this disease more effectively. Managing diabetes in the golden years can be incredibly challenging, but seniors can lead fulfilling and healthy lives with the correct information and senior care support.

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SCM – Life-long Learning – What’s Next?


Introduction I find myself at the end of 15 weeks of academyEX’s Digital and Collaborative Teaching and Learning micro-credential. I am also in the tenth year of running the Palliverse virtual community of practice which has been one of my longest-running educational endeavours. It is time to reflect on all that has come before. Time to look ahead as to what could be as I find myself asking in this blog post, “What’s Next?