Thu.Nov 24, 2022

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For Nurses, “Just” is a Four-Letter Word

Minority Nurse

If you’re a nurse, when was the last time you said, “Oh, I’m just a nurse” or “I’m not really an expert–I’m just a nurse”? If you stop to think about it, what are you really saying when you deny your expertise? Words are powerful, and the words we use to describe ourselves can have far-reaching effects — for others and within our own psyches.

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Online RN to BSN Programs Open Doors for Career Development

Daily Nurse

Advancements in higher education technology, combined with significant and growing shortages in nursing, are opening the doors for nurses to earn an accredited RN to BSN degree online and providing new opportunities for career development. Colleges and universities are responding to the increasing need for nurses by expanding their educational opportunities.

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Palace of Care – Respite


Photo by Jiaqi Zhang on Unsplash. After the emotionally heavy meeting with the doctors, they needed something to balance things out. There had been so much information, so much disappointment. They needed something to take their minds off the grim reality. Friends visited and brought their little children. “Uncle we want to ride on the train.” The tiny children got on board the footrests of the power chair.

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Nursing Tip of the Day! - Fundamentals

Nurse Nacole

Category: Fundamentals Drug classes used to treat GERD include (1) antacids, (2) histamine-2 receptor antagonists (H2RAs), and (3) proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). Generally, a trial of an H2RA or PPI is given for 2 weeks to confirm the diagnosis of GERD.

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The Ultimate Guide to Improving Caregiver Engagement & Retention

Want to learn how to retain your caregivers & improve caregiver retention X3? The home care industry is experiencing turnover rates of over 80%. How are you ensuring your agency is retaining caregivers? This FREE eBook from Smartcare Software is packed with industry secrets needed to keep your caregivers happy, engaged, and retained, unlocking the full potential of your agency.