Fri.Nov 24, 2023

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Heartwarming Holiday Gifts Nurses Will Love

Daily Nurse

Many nurses are graduating around the holiday season, which means there can be a lot of crossover for holiday gifts for nurses and graduation gifts for nurses as well. Many people need help deciding what the perfect gift for someone can be. Luckily, at Daily Nurse , we’ve listed some of our favorite nurse-approved presents for our ultimate gift guide.

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Nursing Tip of the Day! - Fundamentals

Nurse Nacole

Category: Fundamentals Partial non-rebreather masks have a reservoir to increase the amount of O2 available, requiring less outside air to be entrained. Non-rebreathing masks are similar to partial rebreathing masks but have a series of one-way valves.

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8 Gifts to Show Appreciation for Nurses This Holiday Season: A Comprehensive Gift Guide

Minority Nurse

If you’re looking for the perfect way to show appreciation, consider these thoughtful gift ideas tailored for nurses. At Minority Nurse , we’re always finding ways to show nurses appreciation, so we’ve curated this gift guide to help spread nurse appreciation this holiday season. From practical ideas to self-care essentials, this comprehensive gift guide will help you find the ideal present for the nurse in your life.

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Breaking the silence on Sexuality in Hospice Care

Hospice Chaplaincy

Anne Katz, RN, PHD Dr. Anne Katz is an award winning author, certified sexuality counselor and clinical nurse specialist in Manitoba, Canada. In the final stages of life, sexuality is often regarded as not important by health care providers.

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The Ultimate Guide to Improving Caregiver Engagement & Retention

Want to learn how to retain your caregivers & improve caregiver retention X3? The home care industry is experiencing turnover rates of over 80%. How are you ensuring your agency is retaining caregivers? This FREE eBook from Smartcare Software is packed with industry secrets needed to keep your caregivers happy, engaged, and retained, unlocking the full potential of your agency.

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New EAPC Publication: Consensus definition of advance care planning in dementia: A 33-country Delphi study

EAPC (European Association of Palliative Care)

The EAPC Task Force on Advance Care Planning and Dementia have recently had their paper published in Alzheimer’s & Dementia. It is open access and available to read at: [link] The post New EAPC Publication: Consensus definition of advance care planning in dementia: A 33-country Delphi study appeared first on EAPC.