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How to Support People with Dementia?

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Dementia is one of the most common illness a lot of elderly people get. People that have to care for dementia patients can become very challenging along the way. Having good communication skills will enhance the amount of interaction you can achieve with a dementia patient.

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‘Doing Good by Doing Well:’ Founder Jessica McGlory Launches Guaranteed with $6.5 Million Seed Round

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Two years after her own father passed away, entrepreneur Jessica McGlory felt called to launch her own provider company, California-based Guaranteed, which began operations three months ago in Los Angeles. million infusion of capital in a seed round led by the investment firm BrandProject.

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Hospice, Dementia, and Quality of Life. Now We Know.


In 1983, Medicare first designed the hospice benefit around the needs of people with cancer. Over the years, hospice increasingly served patients with a diversity of diagnoses. Hospice is Very Common in Dementia. Archives of Internal Medicine.

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