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Improve Senior Memory With These Simple Strategies

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Find out how to improve senior memory with these simple strategies. Remember mastering the order of the colors of the rainbow in elementary school? A lot of us were introduced to Roy G. Biv to learn this feat – one of the many mnemonics we learn that, interestingly, often stay with us for life.

Congress Takes Up Bill to Expand Advance Care Planning

Hospice News

Senators Mark R. Warner (D-Va.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine) have introduced a bill designed to foster greater access to advance care planning (ACP) among Medicare beneficiaries.


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Undisclosed Conflicts of Interest by Physicians Creating the CDC Opioid Prescribing Guidelines: Bad Faith or Incompetence?


by by Chad D.

2016 114

The Benefits of Increasing the Number of Male Nurses

The nursing profession continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of healthcare. In recent years, DEI efforts have become a standard practice in healthcare staffing; however, males continue to be an underrepresented group within the nursing profession.

2030 97

Unexpected Kidney Failure Sparks Mother of Two’s Desire to Become a Dialysis Nurse

Daily Nurse

Each nurse’s path to entering the field is unique – no two nurses share the exact string of experiences, influences, or circumstances that first sparked their desire to help patients.

3 Ways Hospices Are Managing Rising Costs of Care Delivery

Hospice News

Technology, cost control, and family caregiver support have emerged as cost-saving strategies as headwinds mount for hospice providers. Efficiency has become a watchword in the hospice space.

6 Reasons Why Seniors Don’t Sleep Well at Night

Caring Senior Service

A good night’s sleep can make all the difference. It can help boost your mood, reduce stress, lower risk for serious health conditions, and more. But as we get older, getting quality sleep can be more difficult. Falling asleep and staying asleep are common challenges for seniors.

2022 87

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Nurse Practitioner Liability Report Reveals Malpractice Claim Costs Are on the Rise

Daily Nurse

The average total incurred amount of a nurse practitioner malpractice claim has increased to $332,137 – a jump of more than 10.5% since 2017, according to a newly released claim report published by the Nurses Service Organization (NSO), a division of Aon Affinity.

2017 93

Avera at Home Gets Personal with Kore Cares Joint Venture

Hospice News

South Dakota-based Avera@Home recently formed a joint venture with personal care provider Kore Cares in a move that grew its service line and geographic reach in the state. Avera@Home Hospice offers hospice, home health and home medical equipment services throughout the Upper Midwest.

Simple, Effective Strategies You Can Try Today to Improve Memory

Responsive Home Care

Do you recall learning the order of colors of the rainbow as a child? A lot of us were introduced to Roy G. Biv to master this feat – one of many mnemonics we learn that, interestingly, often stay with us for a lifetime. As we age, it’s expected to experience some level of memory […].

The Benefits of Increasing the Number of Male Nurses

The nursing profession continues to evolve to meet the ever-changing demands of healthcare. In recent years, DEI efforts have become a standard practice in healthcare staffing; however, males continue to be an underrepresented group within the nursing profession.

2030 83

Nurse of the Week: Retiring Pediatric Oncology Nurse Brings Legacy Full Circle

Daily Nurse

September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness month, and Daily Nurse is proud to name Leslie Griffith, a staff RN who spent more than 40 years helping children with cancer at the Stanford Medicine Children’s Health as the Nurse of the Week.

Balancing the Scales a Complex Proposition in Hospice CON Laws

Hospice News

The intricacies of state certificate of need (CON) laws can shape a hospice’s growth trajectory as well as quality of care. CON laws regulate the influx of new providers stepping into a particular market. These laws are often in flux and their details vary from state to state.

S3 Ep.1 : How Training Has Changed Over the Last 20 Years, With New Hosts Linda Leekley and Amanda Sternklar

Home Care Pulse

Nurses on Tiktok Use Their Creativity to Entertain and Educate

Nurses across the country are among millions of users posting short, expressive videos on the social media platform TikTok. Nurses sometimes use Tiktok as a vehicle to take a lighthearted look at the reality of what they do, which can sometimes raise concerns about nursing professionalism and safety.

Meet the 2022 BCEN National Certification Champion Award Winners

Daily Nurse

The Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing (BCEN), the benchmark for specialty certification across the emergency spectrum, announces the 2022 winners of its annual BCEN National Certification Champion Award.

2022 81

Hospice, Health Care Partnership Unveils Person-Centered Care Program for Rural Patients

Hospice News

California-based Legacy Health Endowment recently launched a program to improve care coordinations and seniors’ awareness around their community-based health care options, including hospice. Legacy’s Person-Centered Care program aims to help rural-dwelling seniors to age in place.

Climbing the OASIS-E Mountain: Successfully Navigating Regulatory Changes 

Home Care Pulse

HCP WEBINAR. Climbing the OASIS-E Mountain: Successfully Navigating Regulatory Changes Thursday, October 13th, 2022. 2:00pm EST | 60 min. Being a health care leader frequently means navigating treacherous terrain: regulatory updates.

Aortic Stenosis, TAVRs, and Code Status: A Podcast with Gwen Bernacki and Ashok Krishnaswami


Summary Transcript Summary. Transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) has revolutionized the treatment of valvular heart disease for patients with severe aortic stenosis, a condition that affects one in ten adults older than the age of 80.

Nurses Remain Passionate Despite Historical Issues In Need of Reform, According to Annual Industry Survey

Daily Nurse

Cross Country Healthcare’s annual national survey of nursing professionals and students finds nurses remain passionate about patient care despite historical issues in need of reform.

Agape Care Group Acquires GHC Hospice

Hospice News

Hospice provider Agape Care Group has acquired GHC Hospice for an undisclosed sum, furthering the company’s goal of multistate expansion through the Southeast. South Carolina-headquartered Agape is a portfolio company of the private equity firm Ridgemont Equity Partners.

Journey to India, Part 3

Elaine Mansfield

Elaine & Vic in temple alley in morning light. Blurry from jet lag, we followed the desk clerk’s vague directions and searched for the temple. Sari-clad women walked through dusty streets behind cows they were taking to pastures and ox carts lumbered along loaded with wood for restaurants.

2022 71

Millennial Caregiver Looks Back on 6 Years with Mom


Jacqueline Revere, “ momofmymom ” on social media, was just 29 when a phone call interrupted her “best life” in New York. On the subway on her way to a friend’s comedy show, she got a call letting her know her mother and grandmother needed her help.

Top 5 Training Manager Headaches

Home Care Pulse

HCP WORKSHOP. Top 5 Training Manager Headaches Wednesday, September 29th, 2022. 2:30pm EST | 60 min. Join our Webinar , September 29th and meet our Customer Support Team. We will be discussing our HCP Training, which is a great tool to help build and strengthen your caregivers knowledge.

Hospices See Potential in Value-Based Contracts, but Referrals Not Guaranteed

Hospice News

Shared savings contracts in value-based care programs can generate revenue for hospices that offer upstream services like palliative care, but that does not guarantee that providers will see an increase in referrals.

I think therefore I am? – On Death and Dying


Photo by NOAA on Unsplash. I virtually attended a Palliative Medicine conference over the past three days and have heard talks from a wide range of speakers.

A Loving Journey Through Dementia


I’ve heard it said that in their senior years, the parent becomes the child, and the child becomes the parent. Naively, I dismissed that as nothing but a humorous metaphor. How I’ve grown since then.

How to Prepare Trusts and Wills | Caring Senior Service

Caring Senior Service

Lawyers and financial advisors recommend writing wills to ensure your wishes for transferring assets are followed in your absence. Also, wills and trusts eliminate conflict and lengthy legal proceedings over the distribution of your wealth. Legal Tips

2022 56

Agape Care’s New M&A VP, New CEO Takes Helm at Community Hospice

Hospice News

Agape Care Group Appoints M&A VP. Alex Ferguson has stepped into the role of senior vice president of mergers and acquisitions at Agape Care Group. The South Carolina-based hospice and palliative care provider is a portfolio company of the private equity firm Ridgemont Equity Partners.

I think therefore I am? – Health(?) System Reforms


Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash. I’ve worked as a medical doctor for almost 23 years. In all of that time I have not worked in a health system but in a sickness system.

What is Memory Care?


When care at home is no longer adequate for someone with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, it may be time to move to a long-term facility outside the home. According to the Alzheimer’s Association, there’s no “ one-size-fits-all ” formula for choosing the right care.

Leading a Meaningful Career in Nephrology Nursing

Minority Nurse

Nephrology nurses are a lifeline for patients who have kidney disease. This week’s National Nephrology Nurses Week helps bring attention to the specialty care nephrology nurses provide and the way they help their patients manage their disease and symptoms.

Hospice, Palliative Care Groups Call for Telehealth Codes on Medicare Claims

Hospice News

A coalition of hospice and palliative care industry groups has urged lawmakers to make billing codes for telehealth available on Medicare hospice claim forms. The organizations called on Congress to require the US.

Palace of Care – Strongest


Photo of Cassia Fistula by Winston Chen on Unsplash. Hey, long time no see.”. Hello Doctor, how are you?”. “I’m I’m good, how are you doing?”. “I’m I’m sleepy and tired, that’s what I do. I sleep most of the day and the night.”. “Do Do you have any pain?”. “No, No, the pain is well controlled.

The Life You Save…

Today's Caregiver

Is the text you are about to send worth your life? That is the question you need to ask every time you reach for your phone while driving to text a note, funny message or fleeting thought to friends

FREE Virtual Workshop - Understanding Sleep & Dementia: Tips For A Better Night's Sleep

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You are invited. I am pleased to invite you to attend a FREE virtual workshop, "Understanding Sleep and Dementia: Tips for a Better Night's Sleep,” on October 12 from 1pm - 2pm EST (please note the time zone). Please register today: [link].

CMS to Sunset Look-Alike Dual-Eligible Special Needs Plans in 2023

Hospice News

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in 2023 will phase out dual-eligibility special needs look-alike plans within Medicare Advantage. Some hospice patients rely on these plans for other health needs, such as nursing home costs.

2023 189