August, 2022

Why Vulnerability Is a Powerful Tool for Caregivers

Caregiver Warrior

Vulnerability is a powerful tool for caregivers that offers a chance to get help, support and relief. The post Why Vulnerability Is a Powerful Tool for Caregivers appeared first on Caregiver Warrior.

Hospices Turn Inward to Grow Clinical Workforce with Education, Career Incentives

Hospice News

Building up clinical ranks through education, training and tuition reimbursement programs is an increasingly common thread that hospices are weaving into their recruitment and retention initiatives.


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The Importance of DEI In Nursing

Diversity Nursing

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the workplace is beneficial for employers, staff, and patients. More hospitals and health systems are recognizing the importance and are rolling out new DEI programs.

How a Deaf Mother of Five Overcame the Odds to Pursue a Degree in Healthcare

Daily Nurse

In America, one in four people—roughly 26 percent—are currently living with a disability. These people have an increased risk of ailments like obesity, heart disease, and diabetes. However, many don’t let their disability define them, going on to achieve the seemingly impossible.

Understanding Nurses Experiencing Moral Injury

What was frequently confused as burnout in previous years has recently been accurately identified as moral injury for nurses.

2013 91

How to Create a Recognition Rich Culture as a Retention Strategy

Healthy Workforce Institute

Human beings want to feel recognized, valued, and to believe they make a difference. They want recognition by their organization; their leader, and their peers. When employees don’t receive meaningful recognition, they leave. Healthcare professionals are not different.

Creative Ways to Make Space for Reflecting and Recharging During Vacations

Life & Death Matters

Written by Michelle O’Rourke I look forward to summer for many months, and yet, it seems to fly by so quickly, and I lose my focus on reflecting and building self-awareness! We try to be more laid back and outdoors more often, and hopefully, our schedules are a little less frantic.

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Understanding Hoarding in Seniors | Caring Senior Service

Caring Senior Service

As seniors get older, you may see signs of hoarding. Hoarding refers to a behavioral disorder characterized by keeping possessions that don’t provide any value or use to an individual and that interfere with daily living.

9 Simple Nursing School Tips Help You Succeed in Your Nursing Career

Daily Nurse

Nursing school is a rewarding but challenging experience. You must struggle to balance work and other important aspects of your life. You still have unread texts and exams to deal with while doing all of this. Most of the time, it appears that everything is happening simultaneously.

Palace of Care – A Humbling Day


At the start of the Jail and Bail fundraising event finale our guest speaker Marketing Guru Mike Hutcheson shared entertaining stories from his life and career which inspired us all to think differently. Copies of his latest book were auctioned off within minutes.

Demonstrate and Improve Cultural Competence in Nursing

As the U.S. continues to diversify, so do patient populations. By demonstrating and increasing your cultural competence, you can enhance care quality, patient outcomes, and patient-staff relationships. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the 2020 Census indicated the U.S.

2010 85

Cost of Living Crisis – Together for Short Lives calls for urgent financial support for families of seriously ill children

Together for Short Lives

Together for Short Lives, Contact, Scope and other organisations representing disabled children and their families have today published an open letter to the Conservative Party Leadership candidates calling for urgent action to address the mounting hardship facing families caring for seriously ill and disabled children.

2022 83

M&A Buyers Scour Hospice Financials for Compliance Risks

Hospice News

Buyers in a hot hospice M&A market are bringing compliance under a microscope as regulators keep a tight watch. All hospice transactions undergo some type of compliance review. But there’s nothing routine about these reviews in today’s current hospice regulatory environment.

9 Effective Time Management Tips | Caring Senior Service

Caring Senior Service

Time management is a hard skill to master — especially for adults trying to manage multiple responsibilities. Between work, kids, and potentially caring for aging parents, there’s a lot to juggle. But effective time management can help you stay on top of your responsibilities.

2022 87

Nurse of the Week: Crisis Care Nurse Keeps American Flags on Hand for Local Veterans

Daily Nurse

It takes a special person to be there to help comfort a dying person, and crisis care nurses do this every day. Not only do they provide this crucial care, but they offer comfort and reassurance to friends and family. Local crisis care nurse Raymond Kruse is a humble man who truly loves what he […].

Hurricane Preparedness - Senior's Stay at Home Emergency Kit or Evacuation Kit Must-Haves

Comforcare Home Care

In Florida the hurricane season starts June 1st and ends November 30th. September and October can be an active storm season. Please make sure your loved ones are storm ready with a plan and prepared to stay home or evacuate.

Family Trees

Chicago Caregiving

Genealogy has immense value for older adults, offering a way to stay engaged and connected to the past, present, and future. As a lawyer, Leonard Kofkin, 89, was no stranger to yellow legal pads.

Behind the headlines: What is children’s palliative and hospice care?

Together for Short Lives

The heartbreaking story of Archie Battersbee is being played out very publicly in the media, and Archie’s story has evoked very strong feelings and different perspectives as well as bringing families’ own experiences to front of mind. Our thoughts are with Archie Battersbee, his family, loved ones and those caring for him and it’s vital […]. The post Behind the headlines: What is children’s palliative and hospice care? appeared first on Together for Short Lives

How AccentCare Used Telehealth to Reduce Hospitalization

Hospice News

AccentCare has leveraged telehealth services as a means of reducing the length of hospital stays for patients who are recieving fragmented care. Virtual care became a necessity after the pandemic struck, and most hospice providers were quick to invest in and build out their telehealth programs.

3 Potential Benefits of CBD for Nurses

Content courtesy of CBD Stat. Being a nurse is physically and emotionally taxing. Many nurses experience pain and soreness in their back, legs, and feet from long shifts.

Transitioning from In-Person to a Remote Nursing Position

Daily Nurse

You can take two paths in nursing: attend hospitals and clinics as an in-person nurse or transition into a remote nursing position working remotely through telemedicine. You may have recently made the plunge into a remote position — or maybe you’re thinking about it. Good for you!

4 Tech solutions on how to optimize daily home care scheduling and routes


For many home care providers there is no lack of clients or business coming their way. The real challenge is how to recruit and retain high-quality staff to meet the demand.

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Level Up

Chicago Caregiving

The Value of Video Gaming for Older Adults. I always thought the life cycle of a video gamer mirrored that of a Dark Age denizen: You’re done at 25. I’m 42, which makes me Egyptian pharaoh ancient.

Remembering Hospice Congressional Champion, Representative Walorski 


For Immediate Release. August 3, 2022 .

2022 83

Palliative Care Model Well-Suited for ‘Long COVID’ Patients

Hospice News

Patients suffering from long COVID stand to benefit if health care providers integrate palliative care principles into their approach to treating the disease. The U.S.

Palliative Care Pioneer: Susan Block


Summary Transcript Summary. Today we have the honor of interviewing Susan Block, MD, one of the pioneering leaders in the fields of palliative care, particularly psychosocial aspects of palliative care.

‘It Feels Different Having My DNP’

Daily Nurse

Since graduating from the UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice — Post-Master’s Program in 2021, Pat Patton has seen an evolution in himself. DNP in hand, he says, “I felt a change. I don’t know if others could see it, but I could see it within myself.”

2021 89

4 Operational Best Practices for Home Care Agencies


In a time where home care is on the rise and more clients are seeking home care services, you may feel as though your agency is running low on time and resources to keep up with the growing demand.

Is Nursing an Art or a Science?

Diversity Nursing

Nursing is a profession that requires compassion as well as expertise, making it both an art and a science. Empathy and compassion are critical characteristics of an excellent Nurse. These qualities help us to connect with patients on an individualized basis and improve patient outcomes.

Helping Seniors Move With Ease

Community Home Health Care

In the best of cases, major life transitions are most often experienced with a mix of apprehension, excitement, and curiosity.

CMS: Hospice Recertification Via Telehealth Ends With COVID PHE

Hospice News

The U.S. Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has reiterated that the agency will not allow hospices to recertify patients after the COVID-19 public health emergency expires. .

COVID-19 Class of 2020: My Hospital Residency’s Twists and Turns

During my hospital residency in 2020, I worked in several ICUs, all of which had been converted to COVID-19 wards. My residency class had to deal with circumstances nurses haven’t had to deal with since the 1917 Spanish Flu pandemic, or ever before.

2020 82

Nurse of the Week: Home Health Nurse Julie Lakomiak Donates A Kidney to Someone She’s Never Met

Daily Nurse

Last Wednesday, Julie Lakomiak, a home health nurse from Plainfield, Illinois, donated her kidney to a “non-directed recipient.” This week, she’s our Nurse of the Week. Lakomiak doesn’t know who the recipient of her kidney will be.

7 Strategies to Gain Success as a Nurse

Minority Nurse

Gaining success as a nurse and landing that dream nursing position is within your reach using these seven strategies from International Nurse Coach Farah Laurent , MSN, RN, NEA-BC, CPXP, NPD-BC, TCRN, CPEN, CEN. Believe in Yourself & Promote Yourself.

Hospitals Introducing Teens To Healthcare Career Opportunities

Diversity Nursing

Hospitals are hiring or accepting volunteer teens and young adults as a long-term strategy to help combat shortages in the healthcare industry. Research shows, exposure to various healthcare fields is crucial to the development of career interests for adolescents and young adults.

Ep.6: How to Build the Right Environment for Client Referral Growth

Home Care Pulse

Ep.6: How to Build the Right Environment for Client Referral Growth Melanie Stover, Owner of Home Care Sales, shares everything you need to know about referral sources to set your agency up for success.

Discrimination Fears Deter LGBTQ+ Patients From Advance Care Planning

Hospice News

Members of LGBTQ+ communities are foregoing advance care planning conversations due to fears of discrimination, recent research has found.